Swedish semiconductor start-up AlixLabs raises $ 1 million in seed capital



STOCKHOLM, September 28, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Almi Invest invests nearly 3 million Swedish kronor at AlixLabs, which is developing a new method to manufacture semiconductor components cheaper and faster. Private investors, including NHL professionals Michael, Alexandre and William Nylander, also participate in the show for a total of 9 million Swedish kronor ($ 1 million). The funds will be used for product development and validation of APS technology.

Semiconductor components are the computer chips found in virtually all electronic products, such as smartphones, servers, game consoles, computers, and cars. They can be described as the brain and memory that make electronic products work. Semiconductor components today are extremely small, making them more difficult and more expensive to manufacture. The industry is striving to meet this challenge through new and innovative approaches. What these new methods have in common is that they are complex and in most cases extremely expensive.

Now AlixLabs from Lund, Sweden, has developed an innovative new method of manufacturing semiconductor components with a high degree of compaction, which eliminates several steps in the manufacturing process – Atomic Layer Etch Pitchsplitting (APS) *. The method makes the components cheaper and less resource-intensive to manufacture and may pave a new path for more sustainable mass production of electronics. The process also enables extremely small semiconductor components to be manufactured precisely and efficiently, which means that also smaller production facilities, for example, Europe will be able to manufacture the components with manageable investments. Today, virtually all advanced semiconductor production takes place in the United States and Asia, mainly in Taiwan and South Korea.

“AlixLab’s disruptive manufacturing method has enormous market potential and enables continuous technological development and more powerful electronics which are at the same time much more resource efficient,” says Anna Gisselsson, Investment Manager at Almi Invest . The company’s method is covered by an approved patent. in United States* and it has additional patent applications in other countries.

“With this investment, we can take the business to the next level,” said Dr. Jonas Sundqvist, CEO of AlixLabs. Today, we are conducting a number of ongoing negotiations with R&D players, equipment and semiconductor manufacturers to create a basis for future cooperation for the development of our products. In the longer term, we want to create an ecosystem covering the entire APS value chain and we hope to have a solid base in Europe with global reach.

“The R&D of these funds will allow us to strengthen and expand our intellectual property portfolio for our own APS technology,” said Dr Dmitry Suyatin, CTO of AlixLabs.

* Atomic layer etching height division (APS). As stated previously (April 30, 2021) The US Patent Office has approved AlixLabs’ patent application for nanofabrication by ALE Pitch Splitting (APS). The United States Patent Office has granted a patent (US10930515) on February 23, 2021. The patent covers methods for dividing nanostructures into two in a single process step using atomic layer etching (ALE). The method has the potential to have a significant impact on the semiconductor industry by enabling sustainable scaling of electronic components and shrink chip designs in a more cost effective manner. The method is complementary to single exposure immersion and extreme UV (EUV) lithography and corresponding multiple pattern technologies such as self-aligned double and quadruple patterns (SADP resp. SAQP) as well as multiple exposure lithography etching. and directed self-assembly (DSA).


Jonas Sundqvist, CEO of AlixLabs, phone +46 767 63 94 67, e-mail [email protected]

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