Opera GX integrates CORSAIR iCUE to add a touch of color to player browsing


Let’s face it: you need to stay focused while gaming, you might want to relax with your RGB effects. As a browser, Opera GX is the perfect place to relax and make your setup shine through colors and animations,” noted Maciej Kocemba, responsible for Opera GX.

Launched in 2019 at E3 at Los Angeles, Opera GX is the world’s first browser designed with gamers and the things they love in mind.

We’re excited to help make the Opera GX browsing experience even better with iCUE support, ” noted Lauren Premo, Marketing Gaming Director at CORSAIR. “It’s amazing to see what is possible with the iCUE ecosystem when paired with creative partners like Opera.

Match your CORSAIR gear to the colors of your game and navigation

Opera GX is all about providing an immersive browsing gaming experience. It is the first browser with a dynamic soundtrack and sound effects. It was also the first browser to include native support for Discord and Twitch. Now, with the inclusion of CORSAIR iCUE software, GX will light up all of your CORSAIR gear, from memory to mouse, with personalized animations every time you start the browser, open new tabs, complete a file download, or activate RAM, CPU and network limiters.

Players can choose from several predefined animation themes or go one step further and individually choose one of the additional effects. They can also import any gif and use it for a specific thing they do in the browser, with just one click.

Opera GX will also display a gif on your CORSAIR keyboard whenever you receive a notification from Discord, Twitch, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, or Instagram.

ICUE effects are not displayed continuously, but rather when something is happening in the browser. In order to avoid distractions caused by nightly games or binge-watching sessions, they can be reduced in full screen mode.

Opera GX players can start enjoying iCUE features now with the latest browser update. Players who haven’t yet taken control of their online browsing experience can join in on the action by downloading it from the Opera GX home page and join the community of millions of active users.

GX Opera

Since its inception in 2019, Opera GX has quickly become the browser of choice for millions of gamers looking for a more personalized internet experience. Along with countless customization options including color themes, sound effects, background music, and game-inspired design, GX includes CPU, RAM, and network bandwidth limiters that make the browser less greedy. in resources and leave more computer resources for games. The browser also includes a Hot Tabs Killer feature, which allows users to “kill” the most resource-intensive tabs and GX Cleaner to purge those old junk files. Opera GX launched its own Discord server which now has almost 350k members.

About the opera
Opera is a global web innovator. Opera’s browsers, hot news and fintech solutions are the trusted choice of hundreds of millions of people around the world. Opera is headquartered at Oslo, Norway and listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange (OPRA).

CORSAIR (NASDAQ: CRSR) is a leading global developer and manufacturer of high-performance equipment and technology for gamers, content creators and PC enthusiasts. From award-winning PC components and peripherals to high-end streaming equipment and intelligent ambient lighting, CORSAIR offers a complete ecosystem of products that work together to empower everyone from casual gamers to engaged professionals to perform at their best. themselves.

CORSAIR also includes the subsidiary brands Elgato, which provides high-end studio equipment and accessories for content creators, SCUF Gaming, which makes custom-designed controllers for competitive gamers, and ORIGIN PC, a premium PC builder. desktop and custom gaming and workstation laptops.

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