Channel Bytes September 9, 2022 – Cradlepoint Announces NetCloud Exchange; Small business EoL routers will not be patched; New plant-based immersion coolant; and more

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Titaniam rewarded as winner of the SINET16 Innovator Award 2022

Data protection and ransomware immunity platform Titaniam has announced that it is the winner of the SINET16 Innovator Award for 2022. The annual SINET16 awards recognize the sixteen most innovative and compelling companies tackling threats and vulnerabilities. in cybersecurity. Titaniam was selected from a pool of 194 entries from 18 countries, following a two-round series of evaluation by the SINET Evaluation Committee, which is made up of 117 private and government security professionals, including including risk managers, experts from government intelligence and defense agencies. , venture capitalists and investment bankers.

SINET is dedicated to bringing leading innovators to the cybersecurity industry and accelerating innovation by encouraging collaboration, breaking down communication barriers, and facilitating the sharing of ideas and knowledge. high-level best practices between senior private and public sector security professionals and solution providers, buyers and investors.

Cargill launches plant-based dielectric fluid for electronics immersion cooling

AgTech company Cargill has announced NatureCool 2000, a plant-based, biodegradable electronics immersion coolant positioned for use in data centers, cryptocurrency mining and other advanced applications. Immersion cooling submerges servers in a bath of non-conductive liquid, allowing heat generated by computer components to be conducted through the fluid and cooled. The company claims that NatureCool 2000 provides more than 1,000 times the cooling capacity of conventional air cooling, uses up to 60% less energy and provides a higher level of fire safety than synthetic coolants.

Cargill says that in addition to data centers, the technology can be applied to electric vehicle charging stations and other complex electronic devices. The thermal energy stored in the fluid can also be recycled as an efficient and affordable heat source for heating facilities.

Dasera announces a new major release

Data governance platform provider Dasera has announced the availability of its new Crater Lake 5.0 release, which enables customers to identify and onboard key data decision makers from security, data and data teams. compliance, including data owners and stewards, by providing object-level data visibility and user access and allows context to be shared across the ecosystem with Dasera APIs (application programming interfaces) apps). It incorporates granular role-based access control with audit tracking and open APIs that allow owners to use programmatically derived metadata from Dasera to integrate and enrich their own metadata.

Cradlepoint Announces NetCloud Exchange

Cradlepoint, provider of cloud-delivered LTE and 5G wireless networking solutions, announced NetCloud Exchange, an architectural extension of its NetCloud solution, to help lean IT organizations transform their business and amplify their 5G experience with advanced capabilities SD-WAN and Zero Trust. NetCloud Exchange is a cloud-native solution based on policy-based zero-trust principles that provides multiple SD-WAN and security services, delivered using the NetCloud Exchange Service Gateway – a scalable, resilient software solution for private data and cloud centers that aggregate remote connections, provide flow-level visibility, and act as a policy enforcement point for the services they support.

The following new NetCloud services will be provided based on the NetCloud Exchange extension:

  • Secure connection: An agile LTE/5G VPN-like service that enables end-to-end secure connections for thousands of locations in just three simple steps, using Zero Trust principles that include IP address masking and no network access default to change the traditional VPN paradigm from “connect then secure” to “secure then connect” to least privileged access.
  • Advanced SD-WAN: A future service that extends Cradlepoint’s current SD-WAN capabilities by adding end-to-end support and advanced application optimization.
  • Zero Trust Network Access: A future service that is easy to deploy and uses flexible and granular policies based on user, site, application and resources that leverage 5G identity, context and attributes to control network access.

NetCloud Exchange Secure Connect and NetCloud Exchange Service Gateway are available now, while other solutions will be available in Q4 2022.

Varnish Software announces a new version of Varnish Traffic Router

Content caching, streaming and delivery software solution provider Varnish Software has unveiled a new version of Varnish Traffic Router, the latest addition to its portfolio of private content delivery network (CDN) offerings . The solution is ideal for streaming video and data-rich web content, as it provides advanced tools for load balancing and traffic routing to ensure content is always delivered from the optimal location for the best possible user experience. Its user interface includes an intuitive world map displaying CDN deployment and allowing clear identification of traffic load, making it easy to add resources where they are needed most.

It seamlessly integrates with the Varnish Controller to provide all the components of a private CDN solution and provides a complete picture of CDN activity with counters, statistics and graphs integrated into a single, user-friendly dashboard. customizable. Statistics are real-time and historical, and can be organized by domain and tags.

Cisco won’t patch small business EoL routers, advises replacement

Cisco has released an advisory regarding a vulnerability in the IPSec VPN server authentication feature of its Cisco Small Business RV110W, RV130, RV130W, and RV215W routers that could allow an unauthenticated remote attacker to bypass authentication and access the IPSec VPN network.

All of these devices have reached end of life, and the company states, “Cisco has not released and will not release software updates to address the vulnerability described in this advisory. Customers are encouraged to migrate to the Cisco Small Business RV132W, RV160, or RV160W Routers. Additionally, he noted that there is no workaround for the vulnerability.

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