Nourish + Bloom Market partners with UST to launch the first hybrid autonomous grocery store with robotic delivery

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. and FAYETTEVILLE, Ga., February 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Feed + Bloom Market, the world’s first stand-alone African-American-owned grocery store, has partnered with UST, a leading digital transformation solutions company, to launch its first frictionless grocery store in United States. UST provided an end-to-end solution and project management services for the implementation of a frictionless hybrid checkout store, allowing Nourish + Bloom Market to easily manage their long-term store operations.

The new store is one of a kind, the result of the unique collaboration of three cutting-edge technology companies, Hitachi Vantara, SHEKEL Brainweight, and UST, who have come together to create an innovative and advanced system for the retail world. Partnership with UST will allow Nourish + Bloom Market to roll out over 500 stores in the United States.

Commenting on the launch and the partnership, Jilea Hemmings, Founder and CEO of Nourish + Bloom Market, said: “The idea for the store came to us during the pandemic. We wanted to provide a solution for customers where they wouldn’t have to wait in line or touch anything when paying. With the help of ‘UST, we have successfully created a hybrid stand-alone technology to deliver this solution and address food insecurity in underserved communities.We are confident that this technology will change the way customers shop in the next 3-5 years. . »

  • UST developed the Stand-alone store in the box which has a complete Retail Backoffice software, a Bistro module and full integration services for various systems, which makes shopping easier.
  • The store uses Crate Vision UST for a wide assortment of merchandise outside of the stand-alone store. UST Vision Checkout is a self-service point of sale that uses computer vision to identify SKUs. Along with this, Voice and Gesture AI technology enables a 3x faster checkout experience for Nourish & Bloom customers. UST Vision Checkout also has barcode scanning and touchscreen functionality that supports specific merchandise sections such as age-restricted products, frozen assortments, fruits and vegetables as well than Bistro. Nourish & Bloom has also deployed the UST Scan & Go solution for specific events and customer types.
  • The UST provided UST product box that facilitates rapid onboarding of SKUs requiring computer vision training.
  • Cold Truth UST provided real-time IoT-based food temperature measurement at the shelf level that improves store operational efficiency.
  • N&B deployed American store as a Media Digital display solution in their BISTRO section. It has dynamic content display capability and offers monetization opportunities by providing audience analytics.
  • The entire hardware and software design of UST Vision Checkout, UST Product Box and UST Cold Truth is UST proprietary solutions.
  • Entry into the Autonomous section is activated by the customer mobile application built by UST (by scanning a QR Code on the entrance turnstile). Items selected by consumers are automatically added to a virtual shopping cart tracked via a LIDAR camera, and the information is sent to backend software built by UST.
  • UST also built the complete e-commerce application for the B&W market. N&B would be the first stand-alone store operator in the North American market to offer Café and Bistro subscription services in addition to delivery subscriptions. Moreover, the The system provided by UST is integrated with DAX robotics robotic delivery systems for last mile delivery.

Subhodip Bandyopadhyay, Managing Director of Emerging Technology, UST, commented, “The store uses UST Vision Checkout for a wide assortment of merchandise outside of the standalone store. UST Vision Checkout is a self-service point of sale that uses computer vision to identify SKUs. Along with this, the Voice and Gesture AI technology leads to a 3x faster checkout experience for Nourish & Bloom customers.Hybrid self-driving store technology uses Intel’s Edge-optimized technology infrastructure and leverages multiple Microsoft technologies, including Azure Cloud.

Safety, nutrition and sustainability are the cornerstones of Nourish + Bloom Market’s business model. Customers can now shop without queuing at checkouts and have 24/7/365 access to real food and eco-friendly household products. Delivery robots named Nourish and Bloom can also deliver products in temperature-controlled compartments directly to the customer’s door. UST’s innovative digital solutions helped design a fast and safe shopping experience.

First Nourish + Bloom Market store (located at 300 Trilith Parkway, Fayetteville, Georgia) is now open. The store is approximately 1500 square feet (standalone section, HYBRID section, Bistro, back office facilities) and stocks over 1500 SKUs. Nourish + Bloom Market offers items such as produce, meat, baked goods, dairy, and ready meals, as well as cashless everyday groceries. Anchored in the Nourish + Bloom Market, the Bistro offers freshly prepared dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, including healthy sandwiches, salads and rice bowls. Highest priority is given to local brands to reduce carbon footprint.

Commenting on the opening of the store, Keith Pickens, Managing Director and Head of Retail Area, UST, noted, “UST Frictionless Solutions’ hybrid stand-alone store will help N&B scale faster, cheaper, and better and provide the significant return on investment needed for future expansion. We are proud to partner with N&B in its efforts to become the emerging retailer most popular in North America.”

Automated product recognition in Nourish & Bloom Market’s WIWO store is performed by Shekel Product Aware Technology (PAT), based on patented IoT load sensors, AI models and machine learning algorithms. SHEKEL’s product identification technology enables accurate, real-time product recognition technology. Hitachi’s 3D LiDAR technology helps monitor customers and link products to their shopping cart without compromising customer privacy.

About Nourish + Bloom Market

Nourish + Bloom Market is the first autonomous grocery store with robotic delivery in United States and the world’s first stand-alone African-American-owned grocery store. Nourish + Bloom Market is on a mission to make eating healthy and convenient. We believe everyone deserves to eat healthy.

Nourish + Bloom Market offers locally sourced artisan items, such as produce, meat, baked goods, dairy, and prepared meals, as well as cashless everyday convenience items. The benefit of self-driving shopping, vending machines and robotic delivery means you have 24/7/365 access to real food and eco-friendly products at everything moment.

All products supplied to Nourish and Bloom markets are made with the highest quality ingredients that are minimally processed.

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