Newswire & Press Release / RedIRIS calls on ADVA and SIA to upgrade the national research network – Hardware / Storage – ADVA Optical Networking


• Universities and research centers across Spain seeking access to new generation applications;
• ADVA’s open optical networking solution enables seamless transition from existing equipment;
• National research and education network now offering Ethernet services up to 100 Gbit / s.

The new long-distance backbone infrastructure connects universities and research centers across Spain, allowing educators and scientists to share huge datasets and operate bandwidth-hungry applications. Built on the ADVA FSP 3000 and monitored by the ADVA ALM fiber assurance solution, the network carries services at speeds of up to 200 Gbit / s. Featuring ADVA’s ROADM technology and QuadFlex ™ line cards, the open solution allowed RedIRIS to easily migrate from legacy technology to flexible, high performance connectivity.

“Our new transport system allows Spanish scientists and academics to work together on national and international projects under optimal conditions. With flexible coherent wavelengths up to 200 Gbps, it provides secure and highly reliable access to everything from video conferencing tools to high performance remote computing facilities, ”said Esther Robles, Head of Communications Networks , RedIRIS. “ADVA’s open FSP 3000 technology enabled a smooth and painless transition from our existing transportation infrastructure. With its modular design, it also offers massive scale, giving us the freedom to easily expand and scale our network to meet future needs. “

“ADVA’s open FSP 3000 technology enabled a smooth and painless transition from our existing transportation infrastructure.
Esther Robles, Head of Communication Networks, RedIRIS

Connecting more than 80 points of presence and more than 500 institutions, the new unifying network of RedIRIS ( includes long-haul single-span submarine links to the Spanish Balearic Islands and the city of Melilla, as well as connections to the Canary Islands, the Canarian Institute of Astrophysics and its observatories. For greater flexibility and high spectral efficiency, the solution includes ADVA’s flexgrid multi-degree ROADMs, enabling consistent high-speed, high-baud rate transport. Using MicroMux ™ technology from ADVA (, the new infrastructure also supports a seamless mix of 10 Gbps and 100 Gbps Ethernet client ports without any additional footprint. This maximizes space efficiency and ensures that there is no blocked bandwidth. The network upgrade also involved the deployment of a solid and in-depth migration plan by SIA (, a leading Indra cybersecurity company and ADVA’s Select partner.

“RedIRIS’s long-haul infrastructure is now one of the most advanced NRENs in Europe. It will enable Spanish researchers and educators to take advantage of a new generation of data-intensive applications and collaborate in new ways using innovative video conferencing and augmented reality tools, ”commented Hartmut Müller-Leitloff , SVP, sales, EMEA, ADVA. “Our open and scalable technology effectively bridges the gap between existing needs and future demand from RedIRIS users. Its single client port flexibility supports a combination of 10 Gbps and 100 Gbps Ethernet services without the need for additional hardware. With our open optical layer, RedIRIS is also free to meet increasing demands in the future by expanding to higher baud rates and more complex modulation schemes.

“For the design and deployment of a complex project like this, it was essential to walk hand in hand with our client RedIRIS, to fully understand their needs and to choose the right professionals with the knowledge and ability to migrate to a new network that meets the present and future needs of the organization for a wide range of services. The project enables RedIRIS to transport critical encoded services that provide a higher level of cybersecurity without latency, ”said Alejandro Díez, Director, Digital Risk, SIA. “This deployment offers RedIRIS users in the scientific and research community an extremely powerful tool for high-quality collaboration and global connectivity. It also prepares the Spanish NREN for the main challenges of the future as it seeks to connect more schools, universities, research centers, global libraries, smart cities and IoT. RedIRIS will function as a critical infrastructure and will ensure an immediate communication service with any other geographical point of the network, with robust processes and higher cybersecurity.

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