Monster Hunter Rise PC: release date and PC details


Monster Hunter Rise is out, but only on Nintendo Switch, for now. The wait for its arrival on PC will not be too much much longer, however. We now know it’s coming in January 2022 with some nice upgrades to take advantage of the more powerful platform.

In the meantime, our friends at GamesRadar + say get up “Strikes an incredibly delicate balance” between the styles of classic Monster Hunter and the new Monster Hunter: World, and I can’t wait to get a feel for that combination for myself when Rise hits PC.

Here’s everything we know about the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise as that launch date approaches in early 2022.

What is the release date of Monster Hunter Rise on PC?

Monster Hunter Rise launches for PC on January 12, 2022. Capcom has previously said that Rise will hit PC in early 2022 and thank goodness that’s about as soon as possible.

Even so, there is a big gap between Switch and PC launches. For context, Monster Hunter: World was released on consoles in January 2018, while the PC release was in August, about six and a half months later. When Rise hits PC in January 2022, that’s a gap of almost ten months. Why is it taking so much longer? Leaks late last year showed Capcom and Nintendo discussed exclusivity terms for Monster Hunter Rise that could have been a determining factor in Rise’s announcement and release on PC.

But it’s also plausible that this PC port takes a lot more work than Monster Hunter: World.

What does Monster Hunter Rise gameplay look like?

If you’ve been hesitant to step into Monster Hunter Rise, don’t worry. We did not do it. Rich says if you liked Monster Hunter World, you should be thrilled that Rise is coming to PC.

“Rise targets almost every ‘boring’ Monster Hunter track, the track you had on Google or just didn’t expect, and sends it to the sun. It features a dog, a malamute, as your lifelong companion. and mount that let you navigate a map faster than ever before. I wouldn’t exactly call traversing in previous games bad, but with the new Wirebug grapple tool, Rise makes moving around its surroundings an absolute joy. “

“The more you play Rise, the more it has to give. You start to unlock special moves that give each weapon set a new angle of approach, or a ten ton slam when it’s needed,” says Rich. . “Not only is it cool to bounce around the map like a combination of Tarzan and Batman, but it didn’t take long for me to use my newfound agility to maximize the efficiency of the hunt.”

What kind of PC features will Monster Hunter Rise have?

Turns out Capcom is actually putting a lot of effort into the Monster Hunter Rise PC port and we’re thrilled. We were certainly concerned that Monster Hunter Rise was a disappointment of a PC port and it looks like we may have some hope.

The PC offers a trailer for Rise that addresses several concerns. It will look better thanks to 4K resolutions, high resolution textures, higher frame rates, and other advanced graphics settings.

It will also support voice chat, which was one of the disappointments of trying to play with friends on the Nintendo Switch. Capcom also says Rise will have optimized controls for the keyboard and mouse with the ability to link and set shortcuts for actions.

When Capcom ported World to PC, it had a relatively easy task. It was a game designed for the PS4 and Xbox One, which have x86 architectures quite similar to those of the PC. At launch, World certainly had some issues – it was CPU hungry and the user interface didn’t translate perfectly to mouse and keyboard. A fan patch by popular modder Kaldaien has helped prevent alt-tab crashes and lighten World’s CPU load. Over time, Capcom continued to patch World, polishing the PC version to a nice shine and rendering fixes like Kaldaien’s unnecessary.

Even with a few launch issues, the PC version was a big step up from the console version. World ran at less than 30 fps on base consoles, or around 40 fps on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. At maximum settings, the PC version was difficult to run at 1080p, 60 fps on 2018 hardware, but the framerate unlocked meant powerful platforms could push the game far beyond the performance and graphics quality of the console version.

Capcom then released a high-res texture pack for PC that really improved on some of the blurry textures of low-res weapons and clothing. It’s great to see Rise benefit from this same treatment.

None of this is surprising for a PC game in development in 2021, but it’s still nice to see the basics we’ve been expecting to be laid out in a port of the Nintendo Switch. We’ll have a long wait for Rise on PC, but when it gets here it should feel like a major upgrade.

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