Higround Announces Attack On Titan Limited Edition Gaming Gear


It’s time for the anime sensation The attack of the Titans to get limited edition gaming gear from Higround. The next Higround x Attack on Titan The capsule pushes the boundaries of anime and hardware collaborations, with two unique keyboard and mousepad designs, two sets of 1.5mm PBT keycaps, and a printed jelly bag.

“Higround x Attack on Titan” Limited Edition Game Material

Higround, the lifestyle and gaming peripherals brand, has announced its upcoming The attack of the Titans collaboration – a collection of computer peripherals inspired by the iconic Japanese manga and anime series. In partnership with Funimation, Higround is redefining anime merchandise by combining functionality and art, offering a new perspective on computing peripherals. The entire collection will be available exclusively on the Higround website in the coming weeks.

Higround Announces Attack on Titan Limited Edition Gaming Gear
“Higround x Attack on Titan” Levi box art

Equipped with two silicone shock absorbers, this Higround capsule offers users the experience of having a heavier and deeper keyboard without personal modifications. The keyboards feature TTC Titan Heart switches exclusively on Higround, which feature a smoked black casing and a red heart embedded inside. These unique features and visuals merge Higround’s attention to detail and reliability with The attack of the TitansResilience Themes for a collection of quality, durable products designed to weather the storm.

Higround Announces Attack on Titan Limited Edition Gaming Gear
Levi “Higround x Attack on Titan” Keyboard

Higround’s collaboration with The attack of the Titans is all about self-expression. Wrapped in the iconic imagery, the two keyboard models included in the capsule feature images of Captain Levi and the Colossus Titan, two characters known for their tenacity and perseverance. Higround also posted an Instagram video of their technicians pouring their hearts into making the gaming hardware.


“It’s the first time in the industry that you’ll see inspired designs that incorporate animated graphics on the keyboard,” said the founder and CEO of Higround. Rustin Sotoodeh. “It’s energizing because we love telling stories and now we can implement The attack of the Titansthe rich story and characters of and describe them using graphical keyboards.”

Higround Announces Attack on Titan Limited Edition Gaming Gear
“Higround x Attack on Titan” Keys

As games and anime continue to immerse users in worlds of adventure and storytelling, this is the first time that fans of both can incorporate this fusion of cultures into their keyboards. As Higround’s inaugural venture into anime material, it was only natural to collaborate with The attack of the Titans. Rising in popularity over four seasons, Attack on Titan is the forerunner in all anime genres and has proven to the masses that great storytelling knows no bounds.

Higround Announces Attack on Titan Limited Edition Gaming Gear
Side view of “Higround x Attack on Titan” wired keyboard

Higround was acquired by 100 Thieves in November 2021 and has since sold out all drops in less than 10 minutes. It all depends on the rarity of fan-favorite branded items. This limited drop will be available to customers in the coming weeks.

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