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Clarus R+D

Market-Leading R+D Tax Credit Platform Accelerates Growth

COLUMBUS, Ohio, June 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Clarus R+D (, a fintech software company that helps innovative companies maximize and defend their R&D tax credits, announced the appointment of Chris Winslow as CEO. Prior to this appointment, Chris held leadership positions at publicly traded, mid-market and start-up technology services companies in the cloud, hardware and logistics industries. He successfully raised capital in the private and public markets and orchestrated the exit of several companies.

Chris steps into the role that was held by Jeff Haskett. Jeff co-founded Clarus R+D with Brent Johnson and leveraged their combined expertise in tax credits and technology development to propel Clarus R+D to its status as an industry leader. Haskett and Johnson will remain on the board and serve as strategic advisors to Chris as he works to accelerate the company’s growth. With a particular focus on new partner programs and robust technology advancements, Chris is excited to oversee the evolution and rapid growth of Clarus R+D as Clarus R+D continues to provide the industry standard in R&D tax credit services.

Since its inception in 2016, Clarus R+D has been focused on helping start-ups and growing companies take advantage of the biggest tax incentive in the United States: the Research and Development Tax Credit. They’ve created state-of-the-art, cloud-based software to provide access, compliance, and clarity to federal and state R&D tax credits: a process that can be daunting, but can also put substantial funds back into companies that really need it to continue to grow. and thrive. To date, Clarus R+D has helped thousands of customers and hundreds of business partners claim over $200 million in tax credits. Today, Clarus R+D is delighted to unveil version 2.0, which enables businesses of all sizes, as well as tax professionals – whether sole proprietorships, the top 50 firms or any what’s in between – to use the same time-saving, cost-saving, tax-credit software platform that’s been so successful for start-ups and growing businesses.

“I am delighted to be appointed Managing Director of Clarus R+D, the leading software platform for calculating and processing innovation-based tax incentives,” notes Chris Winslow. “Clarus R+D has been able to grow dramatically by providing unparalleled transparency, accessibility and collaboration and ensuring compliance and fairness. As the winner of multiple Fast 50 awards, the company has demonstrated its ability to lead the market through exemplary customer service based on cutting-edge technology and exceptional people.

While the R&D tax credit program appears to be simple and straightforward when considering what is needed for completion, it is the process and documentation required behind the final form that is detailed, time-consuming, and dependent on a certain level of expertise. The biggest advantage of the Clarus R+D platform is that the software runs automated calculations on users’ R&D studies using both methods – regular and simplified – to ensure that the final incentives are optimized for each client. . Thanks to the automated double calculation, customers save valuable time and maximize their R&D tax credit.

Clarus R+D has designed its platform to enable startups, growing companies, corporations and tax practitioners of all sizes and backgrounds to easily provide details of all potential incentivized R&D projects and to pass the four-part test (authorized objective, technological in nature, elimination of uncertainty and process of experimentation), which is an integral part of any R&D tax study project. Users can also easily submit all relevant expenses. IRS regulations require any company filing an R&D tax credit claim to have and retain certain supporting documentation, and the Clarus R+D platform ensures that each completed R&D study includes all necessary supporting evidence and documentation, on the model of the IRS R&D audit technical guides. . The platform really simplifies compliance.

Clarus R+D is the world-class technology leader that enables every business to unlock the full value of R&D tax credits for innovation and growth. Founded by tax and technology experts, Clarus R+D develops cloud-based software so businesses of all sizes can realize and leverage the power of America’s Greatest Tax Incentive to meaningfully impact their business. Clarus R+D also partners with CPAs who need a smarter way to prepare for R&D tax credit studies. To learn more, visit

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