Alienware’s new Aurora desktop gaming PC is cooler and quieter



October 15 marks the 25th anniversary of the Dell Alienware brand, one of the most iconic gaming PC brands we know today. To celebrate the occasion, Dell is announcing a new version of the Alienware Aurora, its flagship gaming desktop computer. This new version benefits from a completely new design with improved thermal performance.

The new Alienware Aurora is the first to use the company’s updated Legend 2.0 industrial design, so it’s very different from the previous versions, but it’s also very different on the inside. Alienware says it has redesigned the computer from the inside and reorganized the internal components and cables, resulting in a 50% increase inside the chassis, even though the external dimensions are roughly the same. This was done to prevent cables from blocking any necessary airflow inside the machine, so that all components run as cold as possible.

To help you out, Alienware is using a new custom motherboard design that has most of its power connections toward the edges of the board, freeing up space in the center of the board so air can flow more easily. Cables are routed along the right side of the chassis to keep them out of sight, but maintenance and upgrades are always possible.

Alienware Aurora with right side panel removed

The cooling system has also been improved and the Alienware Aurora now comes with up to four 120mm fans (the base configuration includes two) to move the air inside as quickly as possible. The base configuration includes an intake air fan in the front and an exhaust fan in the rear, but more powerful configurations will add a second intake fan and another exhaust fan at the top.

Despite the extra cooling chops, Alienware claims the new Aurora is even quieter than its predecessor. When idle and using the CPU’s liquid cooling option, the new Aurora is between 13% and 16% quieter, and during heavy CPU workloads it is up to 9% quieter. At the same time, the processor is up to 3% cooler than current Alienware Aurora models. Improved cooling also means better performance, with Alienware claiming up to 5% faster graphics performance with the same GeForce RTX 3090 GPU as the current model.

There are also other design changes. For the first time, the Alienware Aurora will be available with an optional transparent side panel on the left, so you can admire the internal components at your leisure. In addition, the new model comes with up to eight lighting zones, counting both internal and external lighting, compared to the four zones of the previous generation.

Transparent left side panel on Alienware Aurora

Dell’s announcement focused exclusively on the new design, so we don’t yet know the specs, pricing, or availability. It’s fair to expect the same NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs as last year’s model, as there aren’t any new models yet. What could be new is the processor, as Intel is expected to introduce its 12th generation Alder Lake processors soon.


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