Actress attack case: Dileep’s fate hinges on crucial digital data | Dileep

Kochi: The investigative team has hinted that the digital data recovered from the raids will become crucial in the actress attack case in which actor Dileep is named as a defendant. Officials will investigate whether digital devices recovered from actor Dileep’s residence bear the visuals of the actress’ attack.

During Thursday’s raid, Crime Branch officials seized three cell phones, a hard drive and a USB flash drive from Dileep’s home.

Director Balachandra Kumar, who has revealed shocking details against actor Dileep in the actress’ attack case, has mentioned the digital evidence in the case.

In his statement to police, the director revealed that Dileep had received the visuals of the actress’ assault and that work had been done on increasing the volume of the visuals.

Three Crime Branch teams raided the homes of Dileep and her brother and the office of her production house on Thursday. It is reported that the investigation team did not recover visuals of the actress’ attack from the hard drives and mobile phones seized during the raid during the initial examination. Efforts will be made to recover device data.

According to reports, the investigation team plans to search the homes of other defendants in the case.

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