Train to pass your CompTIA A+ exam for just $15

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In the IT world, the closest thing to a standard requirement (besides, of course, expertise itself) is a title. Almost every enterprise IT department looks for this, as it demonstrates a basic understanding of business computing. If you are interested in pursuing a career in IT, you should take the CompTIA A+ exam, and you can get the study materials to help you pass the test on your first try in .

This comprehensive resource is offered by iCollege, an Authorized CompTIA Partner that has been helping people and organizations learn new skills since 2003. iCollege has helped people on three continents learn new skills and Fortune 500 and Silicon Valley trust him to arm their employees with today’s most important knowledge.

In this course, you will have access to over 103 hours of content that will help you pass the CompTIA A+ exam. The certification demonstrates that you can install, configure, troubleshoot, and optimize personal computing hardware and operating systems, and covers application implementation, cybersecurity, privacy, IoT, scripting, virtualization, and networking. cloud.

You’ll cover all of this and more by demonstrating your ability to support basic IT infrastructure and configure device operating systems, hardware, and peripherals. You will develop basic cybersecurity skills, including data privacy, malware detection and removal, and physical security. You will also learn how to implement basic storage, backup and recovery, and gain basic skills that will serve as a starting point in your IT career.

If you want to work in IT, CompTIA A+ is the best place to start. Right now, you can prepare to pass the exam with the help of , on sale for just $15.

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