IIT-Indore’s Amazing Discovery: Aloe Vera’s ‘Plant-Based Memory’ Can Store Electronic Data

INDORE: Aloe vera flowers contain chemicals that can be used to make environmentally friendly data storage devices, such as USB drives, according to an IIT-Indore study.

The extraordinary discovery came during research on plant-based materials to identify electronic applications, an IIT-I statement said. The institute says this is the first time that a direct extract from a plant has shown an electronic storage / memory effect, and this environmentally friendly technology could have a significant societal impact in the long term.


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The results are based on work by the institute’s doctoral student, Tanushree Ghosh, who shows that aloe vera flower extract has an “electronic memory effect” that can be used to store data electronically in the body. using a battery. Dr Rajesh Kumar, Principal Investigator and Physics Faculty Member at IIT-Indore, said: “We are working on the development of environmentally friendly electronic materials that can have a societal impact. These discoveries are just the beginning and can in the long term be used as an alternative to synthetic materials used in electronic devices. We identify the active molecule in the aloe vera flower that has the potential to be used to make memory devices.

The work has been published in an international journal ‘ACS Applied Electronic Materials’. “Plant-based memory” works on the principle of an electronic device called a “memristor”, which stores information via electrical signals, unlike magnetic tapes and hard drives where the magnetic properties of materials are used.

The co-authors of the research are Suchita Kandpal, Chanchal Rani, Manushree Tanwar, Devesh Pathak and Anjali Chaudhary.

The work, in part supported by the Indian government’s Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) and DST-FIST, is expected to have an impact in the field of electronics and electronic devices, the institute said.

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