A totally frivolous way of measuring data



[lexie] is a librarian, and librarians live in the real world. They are not concerned with vague numerical notions of the size of data, but with practical notions of space. So, she created a tool to answer an important question: How long should your shelves last if you store all of your information on 3.5 ″ floppy disks?

That’s a great question, and one we ask ourselves, well, hardly ever. [lexie]The tool is also built using modern web technologies, and 3.5 inch floppy disks have never really been used for mass storage either. It makes the whole thing even more frivolous, and it makes it more fun.

You can type in any amount from megabytes to exabytes, and the tool will spit out the appropriate response in anything from millimeters to miles, as the case may be. Despite the graphics on the web page, this assumes rational shelving practices of placing the discs along the shelves on their thinner 4mm edge.

We would like to see an expanded version that covers other storage methods, such as tape, hard drives, or burned media. It could actually become very useful for those who are building their own mass storage farms at home. With the CHIA cryptocurrency, it could become more popular, although we all run out of hard drives along the way. Alternatively, you can consider plugging in a floppy controller for your Raspberry Pi.


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