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Men more likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19

Jackson County reported 75 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, while 1,407 new cases were recorded statewide.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 40 more deaths from COVID-19 on Thursday.

Details of the people who died, including their counties of residence, were not available from the OHA on Thursday evening.

The OHA will add 550 previously unreported deaths to its death reporting figures in the coming weeks. The deaths were missed due to a computer error, the OHA said.

The OHA did not say whether the 40 deaths reported Thursday included previously missed deaths.

Meanwhile, the OHA has added a new data dashboard that provides more information on how COVID-19 has affected different categories of people during the pandemic.

Among women with COVID-19, nearly 5% have been hospitalized, compared to nearly 6% of men with COVID-19, according to information on people whose hospital status was known to the OHA.

Women with known cases of COVID-19 had a death rate of 1.07%, while men had a death rate of 1.37%, the data showed.

Hospitalization and death rates have gradually increased with age in people with COVID-19.

Children 19 and under had a hospitalization rate of almost 1%, compared to a rate of 28% for those 80 and over.

The state has recorded five deaths among children 19 and under, resulting in a death rate of almost 0%. People 80 and older had a death rate of almost 17%, the data showed.

Among racial and ethnic groups, Whites had the highest death rate at 1.5%, followed by Native Americans at 1.2%, Asians at 1.05%, Blacks at 0.9%, and Hispanics. at 0.5%.

Hospitalization rates were highest for Blacks at 7.6%, followed by Native Americans at 6.9%, Whites at 6.5%, Asians at 5.9%, and Hispanics at 4.4% , according to information on people whose hospital status was known by the OHA.

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