$64 Intel Pentium Gold G7400T Alder Lake processor overclocked to 5.8GHz

Well-known overclocker “Hicookie” pushed Intel’s cheapest dual-core Alder Lake processor, the Pentium Gold G7400T (RRP $64), in several overclocking benchmark tests from 3.1GHz to an impressive 5.8GHz. The process that made this exploit possible was to adjust the base clock using the BCLK function that we reported over the past few weeks.

The Intel Pentium Gold G7400T Alder Lake processor which overclocked using the BCLK feature reaches 5.8 GHz and costs just $64

Hicookie currently holds the record for overclocking Intel’s cheapest Alder Lake CPU with recent benchmarks.

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We reported that non-K Alder Lake CPUs can overclock using an unlocked BCLK, a method not intended for non-K-Series chips, by accessing the BCLK feature found in the board’s BIOS settings mother for several weeks.

Intel has officially stated that the company is against the process, warning users that overclocking this series of processors will void the warranty. The company will release a “patch” to stop the capability on future compatible motherboards.

The design theory of the Pentium line of Intel processors is for low-cost, user-friendly PCs that you wouldn’t see used for overclocking purposes. In 2014, Intel produced a Pentium processor with overclocking functionality. The model was the Haswell-based Pentium Processor Anniversary Edition G3258. It also offered an unlocked multiplier for $72. Now every processor in the Intel Alder Lake series can increase the clock speed of this chip. A low-cost processor, such as the Pentium Gold chip, will allow enthusiasts and newcomers to overclock, using an inexpensive chipset without the financial constraints.

the Intel Pentium G7400T is a no-frills dual-core processor, featuring a base clock speed of 3.10 GHz, 2.5 MB L2 cache and 6 MB L3 cache. The TDP is set to 35W, providing lower temperatures so that almost any compatible personal computer can benefit from using the chipset. However, if you plan to use the Alder Lake-S chip for overclocking, you will need to invest in a high-end cooling system due to the high temperature levels reached during the boost process.

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The 5.8 GHz is not the highest boost clock frequency achieved with a dual-core processor. However, compared to other dual-core processors from previous generations, it easily outperforms its predecessors which ran at higher clock speeds. Website HD technology compiled all known submissions made by Hicookie to multiple database sites and presented the results to the processor.

The tests run on the Intel Pentium Gold G7400T by Hicookie are:

The process used by Hicookie to boost the Pentium G7400T to 5.8GHz increased the BCLK to 187MHz (an 87% change), raised voltage levels to 1.656V, and used liquid nitrogen cooling techniques to maintain processor at appropriate temperatures. The motherboard used was the Gigabyte AORUS Z690 Tachyon, which is worth noting that the combination of the two seems like an oddity, but for experimentation purposes it was necessary.

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