YouTuber is building a $ 10,000 gaming PC in a mini-fridge



Basically, Homeless took the once-meme gaming mini-fridge to a whole new level by creating a fully-functional gaming mini-fridge.

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Since the release of the Xbox Series X meme, the idea of ​​a computer in a refrigerator has been a joke. Microsoft has even gone so far as to create its own Xbox-branded mini-fridge. In the latest addition to what many would say impossible, Basically Homeless on YouTube finished their gaming computer with Nvidia RTX 3090 mini-fridge, but not without constant trial and error to get the build to work properly. Not all creations are so practical, play Rainbow Six Siege with a potato controller or barcode reader are some of the most exciting things people have created to control games.

The idea was simple, but its implementation was far from simple or cheap. Take a mini fridge provided by G Fuel and build a PC out of it while maintaining the cooling function. While it wasn’t mentioned exactly how long the project took, Basically Homeless said he’s been in the background for so long that he’s had his oldest son and lost 20 pounds. Thanks to its sponsors who sent the material for this ambitious task, no expense was spared. This $ 10,000 build was created with some of the best computer hardware on the market, including the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090. The trick was to make sure the refrigerator didn’t turn into a hot, wet box when the components of the computer were placed there.

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That’s when it hit him. “We overclock GPUs, we overclock CPUs, we overclock RAM. Why not just overclock the refrigerator.” With a certified HVAC specialist for a father, he took it upon himself to replace the refrigeration parts of the mini-fridge with those of portable air conditioning units. These were then overclocked with the cooling outlets carried on the back of the mini-fridge with a makeshift duct system. The remaining issue of condensation and static charge was solved with a dehumidifier, math, and a special potion to create an anti-static liner in the mini-fridge. With the refrigerator ready, it was time to add the equipment.

Stocking up on energy drinks, Basically Homeless began the task of adding computer hardware to the refrigerator, which he reported “-too about ten times longer than normal.” Each piece had to be a custom-made or mounted hole in the refrigerator. The custom hard-lined cooling loop was filled with the drink that got it through the whole process and would be stored in their branded mini-fridge, G Fuel.

The finished product was a beautiful computer that housed several cans of G Fuel while Basically Homeless enjoyed high-res Minecraft with its new gaming PC / mini-fridge. Many have already started to speculate on the next step for the mad gamer, who has already created so many awesome things.

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