World’s first HDD with 22TB storage launched in India, check out more features

technical information office Western Digital has launched a new Ultrastar DC HC570 hard disk drive (HDD) in the Indian market. This hard drive was introduced with 22TB storage. The Ultrastar DC HC570 hard drive is also the first largest storage hard drive in the world. It is a conventional magnetic recording (CMR) hard drive with 22TB of storage, which comes with CMR drive architecture supporting EPMR technology. The hard drive is available for purchase from the company’s national distributors and Tech Data India. The new hard drives use OptiNAND, Energy Assisted PMR (ePMR), Armor Cache and HelioSeal technologies. Utilizing the Aerial Density Leadership technology of this hard drive, the platter is divided into ten drives of 2.2TB each. In this way, it drives innovation, lowering the total cost of ownership for cloud-leading air density and high-capacity drives.

Comes with Disk Cache Enabled (WCE) mode and Write Cache Disabled (WCD) mode, which help protect your data. When operating in WCE mode, ArmorCache ensures that the DRAM cache is protected and none of your data is lost in the event of an emergency power failure. When operating in WCD mode, the drive will ensure that all user data in DRAM is protected in the event of an emergency power failure and the drive will operate with WCE. In other words, you will get better performance and better data security in both modes. Upon its launch in India, Khalid Wani, Senior Sales Manager, India, Western Digital, said, “We are delighted to introduce the world’s first 22TB CMR hard drive to India. We are constantly working to meet industry capacity demands and support a growing data center economy for decades to come.

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