Windows 11 Drive Slow Bug Affects More Users Than Expected – But A Fix Is Coming


Windows 11 continues to experience issues with seriously hampered drive speeds as more users are affected by a previously reported issue than initially thought – it’s not just NVMe SSDs, it seems. it – but the best news is that Microsoft has a (hopefully imminent) fix in the pipeline.

Earlier this week, we reported the issue of NVMe SSDs running over 50% slower in some cases with write speeds, but as noted, it turns out that this nasty storage flaw affects all drives, like Microsoft recently admitted this (as spotted by Windows Latest, which points out that the problem has been observed on all kinds of online forums).

On November 22, Microsoft released a preview cumulative update, KB5007262, and under the listed fixes there is a workaround for this issue, noting that it affects all types of storage media.

Microsoft said KB5007262 “fixes an issue that affects the performance of all drives (NVMe, SSD, hard drive) in Windows 11 by performing unnecessary actions each time a write operation occurs.” This problem only occurs when the NTFS USN journal is enabled. Note that the USN journal is still enabled on the C: drive. “

Since this is an optional update (preview), you have to install it manually, and like anything that is still officially under testing, it can cause issues and fix them as well.

The best course of action at this point is likely to wait, as this preview update has arrived a few weeks ago now, and the full (finalized) cumulative update will be available for Windows 11 users. this month’s Patch Tuesday, which is coming Tuesday, December 14.

Analysis: A chance to turn a wasted new leaf

This is another one of those alarming bugs that plagued Windows 11, and made it an unpleasant performance experience for a number of users. It’s worrying to learn that it affects all types of SSDs and even hard drives equally, given the speed reduction that can be caused by the issue, but at least we know the resolution is (theoretically) just around the corner. from the street now.

Windows 11 also experienced a number of serious desktop performance issues with File Explorer, and it’s such a fundamental part of the interface that it’s another very concerning facet of Windows 11. what appears to be a QA (quality assurance) dud at Microsoft.

This is nothing new, and we unfortunately got used to this state of affairs with Windows 10. But it was something we hoped we could rectify, given that Windows 11 could have been a new leaf for the software giant. – but Microsoft certainly didn’t start off on the right foot here, when it comes to bugs. Indeed, these performance issues with drives and UI were evident even before Windows 11 was released, so it’s not as if Microsoft didn’t have the time to get it right.

Obviously, the drive issue was a thorny one, and it’s better late than never with the fix – but we won’t stop beating the drum that Microsoft needs to do better when it comes to keeping its systems running smoothly. desktop operation in a more bug-free form. only that.


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