Will this PC run my favorite games? Newegg’s latest tool can tell you

If you’re new to desktop computers, figuring out what hardware you need to play your favorite games can be daunting. A new tool from Newegg tries to make the process a little easier.

On Monday, the retailer introduced Gaming PC Finder(Opens in a new window), a recently launched site that can recommend a preset desktop based on the games you like to play. The site first asks what video resolution you want to run your PC games at, whether that’s 1080p, 2K, or 4K. Then you can select up to four PC games that you like to play.

In return, the site will offer three pre-built PC models at different price points from Newegg’s own PC-building brand, ABS. More importantly, the results will show the average frame-per-second (FPS) rate that the recommended PCs perform with each game.

Additionally, the results will show the CPU chip and graphics card used in the recommended desktop, giving consumers an idea of ​​what components they need to get the same performance.

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You can also scroll through the results and see prebuilt PCs from other brands, including their FPS performance for a selected game. The same list will allow you to compare specifications between product models.

The retailer created the tool in an effort to teach consumers how to find the right desktop system. “Every PC gamer wants the best experience possible, but may not have the expertise to determine the optimal components,” says Oscar Wong, Newegg’s Senior Director of Product Management. “Gaming PC Finder was developed to empower and educate buyers to understand what components and budgets are needed to power their favorite games.”

The tool has some limitations, including a fairly small catalog of 18 titles, although the list covers some of the most popular games, like Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite.

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The tool also doesn’t state what graphics settings the games were tested on to hit FPS, but it looks like Newegg produced the frame rate benchmarks at relatively high settings. Meanwhile, the tool seems to only recommend Newegg’s ABS prebuilt PCs at the top of the results.

Still, the Gaming PC Finder site could be a handy resource for first-time consumers curious about buying a desktop gaming rig. If you are planning to buy or build a desktop computer, focus on researching the graphics card and processor by checking the reviews to better understand their comprehensive performance.

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