WCS to Receive $322,000 in Technology Funding | News

Schools in Warren County have been notified that they will receive $322,251.56 in emergency connectivity funds from the Federal Communications Commission to purchase tablet computers for young elementary school students.

School system network administrator Russel Piland made the announcement during the Jan. 25 school board business session.

He said the funding will allow schools in Warren County to purchase 805 tablets. The tablets should arrive for the next school year. Upon arrival, schools will be able to repurpose their existing Chromebooks as needed, Piland noted.

The school system is working to upgrade its technology, including audio and video equipment.

“We believe virtual/remote connection is here to stay,” Piland said.

He indicated that when the COVID-19 pandemic forced school systems across the state to rely more on virtual learning and virtual functions for its regular operations, schools in Warren County used his equipment. to best meet the needs of students and other members of the public. , including the use of security cameras as video equipment. However, to prepare for the future, schools in Warren County plan to upgrade audio and video equipment to be more durable, Piland said.

Additionally, the school system is working to upgrade its computer hardware to support Windows 10 Pro.

Piland said a number of steps have been taken to update network equipment, including installing network access storage and updating backup software. The school system received some components of its upgraded server hardware. However, supply chain issues delayed receipt of the remaining equipment, Piland said.

Warren County Schools is also upgrading technology hardware for administration and staff, with five Microsoft Surfaces, 10 laptops, 10 US cellular hotspots and 10 Verizon hotspots.

Piland told the board that the school system is working to improve technology inventory management.

“When the pandemic hit, the goal was to get the kids home and get them equipment,” he said.

The school system is now focused on how to improve its technology equipment management and distribution using resources ranging from a tool that will let Warren County schools know where all equipment is, to tags. more resistant to technology.

Superintendent Keith Sutton noted that an improved technology management system will eliminate inconsistencies in its distribution.

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