Unboxing and Examining: TerraMaster F5-221 5-Bay NAS


Take your home storage to the next level with a TerraMaster NAS. Editor Greg Burke takes a closer look at the TerraMaster F5-221.

People use their computers for a number of reasons. Over time, the amount of files a person will accumulate eventually creates a need to expand the available storage space. One of the easiest ways to give you more easily accessible storage is to use a Network Attached Storage (NAS) setup. A NAS can be a computer or other device that makes a pool of storage available to devices on your home network. They can also be configured to be accessible from outside your local network. A NAS can make it easier to share photos, videos, or other files if properly configured.

One of the upcoming names in the consumer / home office NAS market is TerraMaster. Our video editor Greg Burke had the chance to get acquainted with Terramaster’s New F5-221 5-Bay NAS to see how easy it is to take your personal storage to the next level.

The F5-221 can accommodate up to five 3.5-inch drives up to 16TB capacity. It comes with a fast dual-core processor to help you serve your files as quickly as possible. Greg chose to test the F5-221 by integrating it into his normal working setup. He also used it as storage for his Plex server, using the NAS to serve video files to devices in his home.

The Intel processor in the F5-221 is a good choice for those who are interested in a NAS for Plex purposes as it supports hardware-accelerated transcoding for Plex Pass users. This allows the GPU built into the Intel chip to speed up the transcoding process, allowing smoother playback than a similar system without hardware transcoding support. If you need a NAS with multiple RAID options and a fast processor without breaking the bank, this TerraMaster unit might be the ticket.

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