UK Hangover Cure Adele Swears By



The cure for the common hangover that Adele swears by full English breakfast, what the Grammy Award-winning artist called a fry in British Vogue’s “Ultimate British Taste Test” video. Full English breakfast was one of the dishes that the magazine asked Adele to identify blindfolded in the video. His plate included two fried eggs, British bacon, slices of grilled tomatoes, sausage links (aka bangers), beans and black pudding – deep-fried discs of oatmeal, pork fat and blood (via Serious Eats). Adele made it clear in the video that she is not a fan of black pudding.

The rest of the frying probably seemed like a good hangover cure to Adele, as many people are drawn to fatty foods in the morning after a night of drinking, according to AfterDrink. But the evidence-based article from this selling point, reviewed by a doctor, concluded that fatty foods are less than ideal as a hangover cure. AfterDrink has stated that a fatty meal can feel good, due to its high calorie count and stimulating hormones released when we eat fat. In contrast, a fatty meal, especially a high protein meal, can remain hard and heavy on an already overloaded stomach. But you, Adele. If you can find a good fry in Los Angeles, it will certainly be much more satisfying than IV vitamins.


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