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Are you interested in the Tech sector? Me too. Semiconductor penny stocks are inexpensive. They are also very effective. This makes them great staples in the tech world.

And the demand for new technologies, especially electronics? It never seems to have an end. That’s why investors love them so much.

Semiconductor penny stocks are a great way to invest in a lucrative industry. Plus, one with a speculative side and a solid history behind it. They allow you to invest with a little more security. And, being penny stocks, they have high earning potential.

What Are Semiconductor Penny Stocks?

First of all, I will tell you what semiconductors are. They are materials rather than products. Silicon is common. It still has some favorable properties. But not as good as copper or similar material.

Second, penny stocks are stocks that are currently trading at $ 5 or less.

Additionally, penny stocks are known for their volatility. Additionally, volatility means that the price moves rapidly up and down.

So the price goes up and down quickly. And if you invest in this stock, your investment will go with the price. It can be awesome or terrible. It depends on when you withdraw your money. And how likely you are to let your emotions control your transactions.

In addition, you can win a lot, but you can also lose a lot. Don’t let your emotions take a huge toll on you. A great way to part with your investment is to have a plan. And stick to that plan.

Penny Stocks of Semiconductors to Buy

  • Summit Wireless Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: WISA)
  • EMCORE Corporation (Nasdaq: EMKR)
  • Pixelworks, Inc. (Nasdaq: PXLW)
  • Résonant Inc. (Nasdaq: RESN)
  • QuickLogic Corporation (Nasdaq: QUIK)
  • ASE Technology Holding Co. Ltd. (NYSE: ASX)
  • GSI Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: GSIT)
  • Canaan Inc. (Nasdaq: CAN)
  • Kopin Corporation (Nasdaq: KOPN)

Best Semiconductor Penny Stocks

No. 9 Summit Wireless Technologies, Inc.

Summit Wireless operates in a unique niche. It offers wireless sound technology. And the company is doing it in smart devices and sophisticated home entertainment systems.

Offering many products, the main theme revolves around soundboards. The kind that goes inside technology. Plus, they offer dozens of different audio systems. A modern look, unique shapes and superior sound.

And, the management checks. Every member of the management has great success behind them. In addition, they have experience working for large companies, such as Microsoft.

N ° 8 EMCORE Corporation

EMCORE is a semiconductor penny stock serving the defense and aerospace industries. They also have customers in the broadband communications market. Many different electronic devices are offered, including optical electronics, gyroscopes, and navigation electronics. In addition, cable TV and telecommunications are even part of their offerings.

In August, one of their products in the aerospace market reached more than 5,000 units sold. And in 2021, they received an order to buy fiber optic gyroscopes for $ 4.1 million.

And, they’re on the Russel 2000 Index. It’s a huge deal.

No.7 Pixelworks, Inc.

Pixelworks is a semiconductor penny stock focused on the artistic side of things. It offers various mobile and gaming solutions. And products for film productions and videography. Projectors are another of its offerings. The company really focuses on the viewer experience.

Several offices around the world and in Silicon Valley are showing their commitment to success. Plus, their leadership has tons of past success behind them as well.

Pixelworks’ current CEO even took TriQuint from $ 300 million to $ 1.1 billion while he was working there.

N ° 6 Résonant Inc.

Resonant is creating technology that will filter 5G. Looks like it’s doing its best to improve the Wi-Fi and connectivity for the user.

Over the past two years, they have appointed a new member to the advisory board. And this semiconductor penny stock has even created a technical committee. Its shipping volumes increased 200% year-on-year.

More importantly, the management seems to have things in order. The COO has 20 years of relevant experience. And the CEO rose through the ranks. In addition, he held various other management positions in other companies.

# 5 QuickLogic Corporation

This semiconductor penny stock focuses on the production of AI. And voice processing software.

They have a lot of different products. And these products have many different applications. QuickLogic recently added two new people to the board. In addition, they have participated in virtual events and in-person conferences. Including a world conference on investment.

QuickLogic continues to pump out new products. And, they continue to promote and improve the ones they have now.

No.4 ASE Technology Holding Co. Ltd.

ASE is a global company with employees in Europe, Asia and North America. With over 100,000 people employed worldwide, this is a huge company. They provide semiconductor assembly and testing services. In addition to others that are related to this type of offer.

ASE emphasizes ethics. They are involved in the community and keep their processes environmentally friendly.

No. 3 GSI Technology, Inc.

GSI Tech is a semiconductor penny stock that operates in the aerospace and defense industries. And they offer several technical packages to meet technological needs.

They recently attended a tech summit, which always helps with marketing. In addition, they started testing the AI ​​under a contract with NASA.

Semiconductor Penny Stocks No.2 Canaan Inc.

Canaan is a designer and producer of computer hardware. The company operates outside of China. And this semiconductor penny stock specializes in hardware for mining cryptocurrency. They created their own AI. A community of developers is also supported on their website.

Canaan’s mission is to provide low cost and super efficient solutions.

Semiconductor Penny Stocks No.1 Kopin Corporation

Kopin is best known for its electronic displays for small portable devices. The company caters to many different industries. Including military, medical and consumer markets.

Recently, they received a purchase order for almost $ 20 million. And they also started to ship the order they got from the military. In addition, this order was for $ 3.5 million in products. In addition, the products ordered are a mounted display system for helmets. In addition, it is likely that they will be used in training or on active duty. This stock is a great addition to your list of semiconductor penny stocks to buy.

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