This DIY and portable all-in-one has three fold-out screens


All-in-One PCs can simplify desktop setups by cramming everything into the monitor. However, they’re not that easy to lug around, while laptops are limited in terms of power. Now, someone has found a way to make an all-in-one laptop without compromising on performance.

Oh, and it also has a three monitor setup.

Matt Perks from the DIY Perks YouTube channel showed off a PC beast that’s perfect for LAN parties or embarrassing your friends at school. The whole construction looks like a briefcase when transported. Opening the computer reveals a large desktop screen from an Asus monitor. The screens flanking either side of the center display are two laptop screens that fold out over the main screen, and all three support a 144Hz refresh rate.

In order to mount all of the computer components, Perks fabricated an aluminum backplate and painstakingly drilled all the holes needed to screw the parts onto the spacers. It also 3D printed custom clips so that it could screw the back plate into the main monitor.

The DIY all-in-one laptop, folded like a briefcase.

Perks also created a hinged door that opens into a small space to store a mouse and keyboard. Adjustable feet have been created to raise or lower the entire computer for greater ergonomics. Finally, a leather strap has been attached to the top to complete the look of the briefcase.

The interior is probably as impressive as the exterior. Component specs include a Ryzen 9 5950X processor with a custom water loop, 64GB of RAM, a water-cooled Nvidia RTX 3080, and two 8TB Samsung SSDs. This all-in-one has all the ports you get. can think of including slots for Ethernet and SD cards of various sizes. There’s even a rotating Wi-Fi antenna to increase signal reception.

For audio, Perks installed a pair of Harman Kardon tweeters and a Tang Band T3 2190 subwoofer. He even mounted the subwoofer on 3D printed decouplers to absorb vibrations. If that wasn’t enough, he made a custom amplifier by stacking three mono amplifiers on top of each other, one for each speaker.

The individual components, separate from the DIY All-in-One Laptop PC.

The madness doesn’t stop there. The 600 watts of power in this build comes from a DC-DC converter block that accepts either power from the built-in AC-DC converters for wall outlets or an external 16V-63V DC battery. This whole beastly rig can run for about seven hours on enough battery. It’s better than most gaming laptops, and this DIY special contains complete desktop PC parts.

While this is obviously not for sale, he did mention possible upgrades if a company wanted to mass-produce this portable al-in-one. For example, better tooling and better engineering could make the computer much thinner. Overall, this is a crazy PC build, but maybe not as crazy as cooling a PC using Jägermeister.

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