The marks of 7,800 aspirants were changed in Têt-2019, reveals a police investigation | Pune News

Pune: Surveys conducted so far on the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) 2019 held in January 2020 revealed that the scores of about 7,800 candidates, who failed or did not pass enough grades, were manipulated in exchange for money to declare them eligible for teaching jobs in public institutions, Pune Police Commissioner Amitabh Gupta said on Friday.
“Our investigation is continuing and we expect more arrests in the coming days. We are also forwarding an initial report to the state government detailing all findings of our investigation so far,” Gupta told reporters when asked about the financial implications of the alleged impropriety.
A senior police officer associated with the investigation told TOI that during their investigation they recovered hard drives from the computers of Pritish Deshmukh, director of GA Software Company. “In this, we found the actual scores that the candidates had obtained and we checked the scores of each candidate with the results posted on the government website. This is how we learned about the manipulation of the scores of 7,800 candidates,” he added.
The marks of some candidates were changed on the optical mark recognition (OMR) while a few of them directly obtained the certificates of achievement.

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