Taiwan Excellence’s “Smart Tech, Smart Clothing” Webinar Highlights Taiwan’s Innovations for the Outdoor Industry

DENVER and TAIPEI, Taiwan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Outdoor Retailer Summer Show — Wearable devices, once a novelty, are now essential, thanks in part to the emphasis on healthy living and increasing comfort with technology. Today, wearables combined with smart textiles – “smart wearables” – are the next big thing in the outdoor industry. Taiwan Excellence – the symbol encapsulating Taiwan’s best and most innovative products – will host a “Smart Tech, Smart Clothing: Taiwan Innovations for the Outdoor Industry” webinar on May 26 to introduce and familiarize buyers with the nation’s leading “smart wearables” designed for outdoor sports and fitness.

Organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), Taiwan’s leading trade promotion organization, and in partnership with the Outdoor Retailer Summer Show, the webinar will highlight the advancements of three pioneering Taiwan Excellence Award-winning companies in the outdoor industry:

  • ASUSTek Computer – aka ASUS, is a leader in smart healthcare solutions and a global manufacturer of computing hardware and electronics.

  • Makalot Industrial – leading and innovator apparel manufacturer of smart apparel.

  • WiseChip Semiconductor – leader in organic light-emitting diode (OLED) and EOL products.

The event will also include remarks from two distinguished speakers. Mr. Simon Wang, Executive Vice President of TAITRA, will deliver a keynote speech and Ray Lin, President of Taiwan Smart Textile Association (TSTA) will provide an overview of key trends in Taiwan’s smart textiles that are helping to shape the global market. sports and fitness. .

As people become more health conscious, the growing popularity of wearable devices has led to an increase in business opportunities in the sports and leisure industry market. According to Grandview Research, the global wearable technology market size was valued at $40.65 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.8% from 2021 to 2028. du Nord dominated in 2020 and accounted for more than 34.7% of global revenue with similar statistics expected over the next few years.

“Taiwan is a major player in the global textile and apparel industry and has invested heavily in R&D in smart textiles. Combining this with our strengths in developing smart technologies, Taiwanese companies have consistently created some of the most advanced wearable products on the market,” said Simon Wang, Executive Vice President of TAITRA. “We are proud to have awarded the Taiwan Excellence Award to our most innovative companies and delighted that their smart clothes are adopted by millions of people.”

the “Smart Tech, Smart Clothing: Taiwan Innovations for the Outdoor Industry” webinar, which will air at 2:00 p.m. EDT on Thursday, May 26 with three innovative companies showcasing their latest technologies:

  1. Asustek computer

    The ASUS VivoWatch BP is a smart companion for easier health management. It’s the world’s first wearable health tracker to feature a pair of medical-grade ECG and PPG sensors along with ASUS HealthAI technology, providing 24/7 health trend tracking and data analysis. as well as personalized health advice and fitness tracking functionality in a compact and lightweight device. Built-in ECG and PPG sensors allow the VivoWatch to calculate pulse transit time (PTT), as well as measure heart rate, sleep, and activity stress levels throughout the day, providing insight for better welfare management. With the ASUS HealthConnect app, an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile app, users can manage blood pressure, heart rate, menstruation, medication reminders, and share wellness data with your family or doctor. The watch is sleek and durable, with a battery life of up to 14 days and a swim-proof design.

    As a world-class technology company, ASUS is becoming a major player in digital health with a diverse lineup of smart and innovative medical and fitness devices.

  2. Makalot

    Training by receiving a targeted electrical impulse to key muscle groups can speed up training and improve training results. The application of Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology has been used in the sports industry for a long time. But fully integrating technology into fabrics and garments while ensuring comfort and style has been a challenge – until now. Makalot has created smart EMS pants/shorts – the WIIM Pro EMS series – that not only look good, but are comfortable and easy to use. Low-frequency EMS technology allows users to activate functions during activities to strengthen muscle contraction and exercise more efficiently.

    Makalot has been a leading clothing manufacturer since 1990. With the rise of sports and fitness training, Makalot saw a gap in the market combining textiles with new technologies. The result was the formation of the B2B brand, WIIM, to create smart wearables to meet this need.

  3. WiseChip Semiconductor

    With WiseChip’s innovative smart cycling glasses, cyclists have a whole new riding experience. The glasses, which are actually an IoT device, put useful connected features in front of the eyes of cyclists, providing performance information such as heart rate monitoring, ride times, distance recordings, revolutions per minutes, etc. Traditionally, riders had to take their eyes off the road to check the bike computer. WiseChip has been a leading OLED developer for over 17 years. The company continues to improve its products, making sensors and other components even smaller and more portable, collecting data in greater detail and providing better analysis. At the same time, the company is growing and expanding into more sports-related applications.

Register for the webinar

On Thursday, May 26, TAITRA will host the webinar at 2:00 p.m. EDT. The webinar will provide access to the spokespersons of these innovative companies and their products. Interested buyers, attendees and media representatives are invited to register in advance here. Media interested in scheduling one-on-one briefings can email Mary Placido at [email protected]


The Taiwan Symbol of Excellence was established in 1992 by the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs, and then the Taiwan Excellence Selection was launched the following year. The selection is based on separate R&D, quality, design and marketing criteria. Products that were selected for the Taiwan Excellence Awards would serve as examples for domestic industries and would be promoted by the government in the international market with the aim of shaping the creative image of Taiwanese enterprises. This year marks the 31st selection, making the symbol of Taiwanese excellence a prestigious brand for Taiwanese companies to strive for recognition and enjoy a high reputation around the world. Please visit www.taiwanexcellence.org for more information.

Organized by:

Taiwan Foreign Trade Development Council (TAITRA) is Taiwan’s leading semi-governmental non-profit trade promotion organization. Founded in 1970 to help promote foreign trade, TAITRA is jointly sponsored by the government, industry associations and several trade organizations. TAITRA helps Taiwanese companies to strengthen their international competitiveness and meet the challenges they face in overseas markets. TAITRA has a well-coordinated trade promotion and information network consisting of more than 1,200 trained specialists spread across its head office in Taipei and 60 branch offices around the world. The Taiwan Mall (tax included),Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC), and TAITRA have created a multitude of business opportunities through effective promotion strategies. www.taitra.org.tw

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