Seeed’s Open Parts Library (OPL) Adds SnapEDA Models for Faster Electronic Production



SAN FRANCISCO, 22 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – Today, Seeed, one of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers based in Shenzhen, adds SnapEDA computer-aided design (CAD) models to the Seeed and Shenzhen Open Part Libraries (OPL), to help electronics designers easily go from idea to manufacturing.

OPLs are a collection of commonly used components, designed for use with the Seeed Fusion PCB Assembly (PCBA) service, which are widely available in the supply chain, cost effective, and design-to-manufacture (DFM) compatible. Today, it contains a wide selection of more than 150,000 commonly used parts, from integrated circuits (ICs) to passive components, to reduce costs and reduce turnkey assembly times for printed circuit boards.

During the part selection stage, OPLs save engineers time and reduce delays, as parts are carefully selected to ensure that they are widely available in the local supply chain, thus eliminating the need to import parts and undergo long and expensive customs clearance processes. This is particularly useful given the current global shortage of components affecting the electronics industry. In addition to avoiding delays, engineers also save money since components for these libraries come from Seeed’s affiliate partner network and / or are purchased in bulk.

During the design and manufacturing phase, adding SnapEDA CAD models to OPLs makes them even more valuable. By downloading ready-to-use CAD models for the parts they select, engineers can save weeks of time and reduce costly iterations of prototypes during the manufacturing process.

To get started with the new SnapEDA integration, engineers simply visit the Downloads section on Seeed’s OPLs. Once they click on the Symbol, Footprint and 3D Model link, a viewer will appear allowing engineers to preview the models and download them instantly.

“With the current constraints of the global electronic components supply chain, we are delighted to be able to support the Seeed and ShenZhen Open part libraries, which help engineers streamline part selection and manufacture. With the addition of the SnapEDA models, engineers will now be able to design these parts in seconds, ”said Natasha Boulanger, founder and CEO of SnapEDA.

Before SnapEDA, engineers had to spend hours creating digital models from scratch. With the large number of components a project can have, the process of creating and verifying each component can be tedious and fraught with errors. That’s why SnapEDA created the first search engine focused on CAD models, as well as its own patented verification technology to optimize the quality of each model.

Over 15 PCB design formats are accessible with the new SnapEDA integration in Seeed and ShenZhen OPLs, including Altium, KiCad, Fusion360, Cadence Allegro, OrCAD, EAGLE, DesignSpark PCB, DipTrace, Proteus and more.

Engineers can also find SnapEDA’s symbols, footprints, and 3D models on the main SnapEDA website, as well as on distributor websites, including RS Components’ Digikey, Mouser, and DesignSpark. SnapEDA can also be found in software tools like Autodesk Fusion 360, Proteus, and DipTrace. Millions of engineers benefit from syndicating these CAD models to over 30 affiliated partner platforms. To learn more about the SnapEDA network, visit

About SnapEDA

SnapEDA helps engineers design electronics faster by removing barriers. Its electronic design search engine is used by over one million electronics engineers and circuit board designers every year, creating everything from medical devices to automotive electronics. By providing ready-made building blocks for design including symbols and circuit board footprints, its library saves days of product development, allowing designers to focus on optimization and innovation. SnapEDA models are created using proprietary and patented authoring, verifying and translating technology. Learn more at

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