Red Magic unveils the world’s first mini-LED gaming monitor

With the first 27 inches presale game display, red magic officially joins the computer game peripherals and components industry. This display has Mini-LEDs backlit innovation, 4K UHD resolution, and 160Hz refresh rate.

In July of this year, the company announced that it would release up to three gaming monitors, two of which would have MiniLED backlights and one of which would have mm wave wireless projection technology. Red Devils new gaming display, the Red Magic, offers the latest in mmWave technology for fast response times and crisp visuals. The Red Devils display has a HDMI 2.1 socket and one USB Type-C 4.0 port for charging devices up to 90W and serving as an additional display port for physical connections.

Red Magic’s latest gaming display is a marvel of workmanship. This new gaming monitor, measuring 27 inches, supports HDR1000has a deep contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1and has ultra-low latency rates of 1.7 milliseconds. The panel is built with the second generation 7.0 technology from the manufacturer AUO. The ultra wide 3840×2160 The pixel resolution of the screen allows wireless projection up to 30 meters from the screen using mmWave technology.

With faster speed, higher frequencies and lower latency levels, millimeter wave wireless projection technology, also known as mmWave, allows users to project wirelessly from a mobile device to a screen. Considering the parent company that controls this sub-brand, it seems logical that Red Devils would provide this kind of technology. ZTEthe parent company, owns the smartphone brand Nubia, which is the owner of Red Magic. Since the end 1990s, ZTE has been a player in the phone industry. This year, the company has chosen to expand into the computer components market.

The company mentioned up to three screens in its first broadcast earlier this year, with one showing 2K resolution and two offerings 4K resolutions, with one of the latest monitors featuring the integration of mmWave technology into the display. A DisplayPort connector and numerous HDMI ports have also been made public. There’s only one HDMI connector and one USB Type-C port listed in the ad for the current display, and it’s unclear if there will be more ports leaked soon after. the beginnings.

On October 10all three monitors are expected to go on presale, although their prices have not been made public.

Source: Fast technology

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