One year after job bankruptcy, students are booming



Ms. Rice had a major in computer science, a concentration particularly sought after by many large employers. But Ms Newbill, director of academic recruiting for Dell, said her company is also hiring students specializing in non-technical fields – like philosophy and journalism – for sales positions. “Sales are about personality, not degree,” she said.

Yet graduates in STEM-related fields are the most successful.

Manuel Pérez, 23, has been working for two months as a data analyst at Accenture, which prompted him to move to Nashville after graduating from the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez.

Mr. Pérez, an information systems specialist, said he attended a virtual career fair last October and applied to work at Accenture after meeting recruiters on Microsoft Teams. After three rounds of interviews, he received a job offer in March and started his post in the summer.

“I had other job offers, but they all wanted me to start immediately, and I wanted to graduate first,” said Pérez, de Camuy, PR. everything from retail to white collar jobs.

Mr. Wright-Reynolds, senior Colby, is studying statistics with a minor in computer science. A native of Medford, Mass., He will start the trading company in Chicago in August.

“It was a great opportunity and I couldn’t go wrong accepting it,” he said. “I feel like a weight is coming off my shoulders. I have a lot more time to enjoy the past year.


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