One-month delays hit the 2021 MacBook Pro – and no, it’s not the chip shortage

Customers expect theirs MacBook Pro 2021 laptop have experienced shipping wait times of approximately three to four weeks. What is strange, however, is that the cause of these delays is not so clear.

In general, the industry-wide chip shortage has caused the most problems not only in GPU and processor shortages, but also in other computer components as well as laptop shortages. But paradoxically, Apple has not suffered much in this regard when it comes to the MacBook Pro 2021 models, according to TrendForce.

Reports of TSMC’s 3% price increase for its customer for 5nm orders does not appear to have affected Apple’s chip orders. Mini-LED production issues were also causing delays in the 2021 MacBook Pro. But Apple addressed that issue by hiring Luxshare to supply the component as well.

Quite possibly, the most important factor in this delay of almost a month is the high consumer demand for the product itself. Which, if so, is an issue that doesn’t seem to be easing anytime soon.

Analysis: How will this affect the production of the MacBook Air 2022?

TSMC would have increased Production of 3nm chips for the second half of this year, which means that production at Apple’s 2022 MacBook Air launch later this year is not expected to be affected. Apple also plans to introduce its M3 and A17 chips in 2023, which is also expected to keep pace.

These huge changes in production mean that the 2022 models will be produced at a steady rate and will minimize the associated production delays. So if there are any delays or shortages down the line, it will probably be for most of the Apple reasons: a lot of people want to buy their products.

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