Newegg drives marketplace sales with live video shopping

Technology-driven online marketplace Newegg has embraced social commerce as part of its direct marketing strategy and recently shared insights into how its Newegg Live video commerce platform is driving sales on the platform. -form.

Launched in September 2021 and produced by the company’s media team for the Newegg mobile app and TikTok, Newegg Live is a real-time interactive live stream showcasing some of the most requested technology products available on the Newegg platform.

Airing multiple episodes per week, Newegg Live features products at exclusive sale prices usually only available during the duration of the livestream.

Show hosts also produce and write their own scripts. The programming emphasizes the interaction between the brand and its customers, who type questions or comments into the chat for the hosts to offer an answer.

Viewers can ask questions about products to make more informed purchasing choices. The technology solution allows viewers to make purchases directly in the Newegg mobile app or on TikTok while watching the video.

The video is also available for later viewing on social media platforms.

Newegg Live is committed to customers

Newegg Live interacts with current and new customers in a more entertaining way than typical e-commerce shopping.

Hosts offer a three-dimensional perspective of products, detailed descriptions, and the ability to show product features like capabilities, sounds, and video.

Show hosts also produce and write their own scripts. Answering questions through onboarding conversations or showcasing product features is critical to maintaining audience interest.

The show also played a vital role in expanding the product categories associated with the Newegg brand.

“Our customers are tech-savvy and already watch videos on their phones. Newegg Live is a fun way for the public to see and learn more about our products while asking questions and interacting with our host. Purchasable live video has worked well for our customers.

Drew Roder, Director of Newegg Studios

While the company features some of its top brands and products such as gaming PCs, computer components, monitors and other products in core categories, the livestream has also created opportunities for new sellers to showcase products on episodes.

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