New computer resolution on the old 720p TV screen.

I have mild eye problems which make me susceptible to eye strain. Lots of modern day screens that are too pixel dense put a strain on my eyes (at least I think it is). I have been doing fine for years with my 2008 Win7 Hp dc7800 desktop which displays with a VGA connection to a PHILIPS 720p TV monitor. My eyes are comfortable with it.

But my PC is dying and I need a new one. My concern with a new, more powerful 2021 computer is that it will display differently from the old screen in a way that could cause eye strain again. I try to stick to my old TV screen if possible, and I know I just need to get a new PC to test it out to find out, but thought I should check a few things here first. .

My old PC displays at a refresh rate of 60htz, 32 bit color and Resolution 1360-768.

My questions:

  • So, would a new PC with a more powerful processor or graphics card be less compatible with a 720 display?
  • Even if a new PC is more powerful as long as I can display it at 60Hz and 1360-768 resolution, shouldn’t the display output be basically the same anyway? The remaining concern is whether an upgrade to the color bit might add too much complexity.
  • Can a newer computer with a decent modern graphics card even go down to 1360-720? As is always an option, under “screen resolution”?

Thank you very much for any help on this. Tara.

(hope this is the right forum for this)


HP dc7800

Graphics Card: Intel Q35 Express Chipset Family
Processor: Intel Core duo processor E6550 @ 2.33GH

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