New Bedford developments show a booming city



Why is New Bedford called a “Gateway City”? One reason is that for generations New Bedford has consistently made so many items needed for households across the country. Hard-working immigrants came here because there were many good jobs and they were a “gateway” to the American dream.

Yet New Bedford itself is also a gateway from the days of its historic past to the bright future of the 21st century, as the city is undergoing revitalization centered on the arts, rich local history, diverse culture, a picturesque waterfront and a fishing port. , and is at the center of New England’s burgeoning offshore wind industry.

Kelsey Schiller, director of communications for mass development – who are lenders, developers and job creators, and who deliver solutions that help develop the Commonwealth – said she is keeping tabs on two inner-city projects from New Bedford.

The first is a visit this Friday to the large empty space adjacent to the New Bedford College of Visual and Performing Arts at UMass Dartmouth.

“New Bedford is home to a vibrant cross section of life, commerce, arts and culture, educational institutions, nonprofits and more, and the plot at 193-197 Union Street has a lot of potential to contribute to the neighborhood in a meaningful way, ”said Schiller.

The site visit on October 8 at 1 p.m. will showcase a unique development opportunity in the heart of downtown New Bedford.

“We hope to welcome a wide range of interested parties to learn more about the site and imagine new possibilities for its redevelopment,” said Schiller.

To participate in the tour, RSVP to Jenifer Cohen at [email protected]

Schiller also mentioned the Discovery Economic Development Hub, a cutting-edge digital technology collaborative workspace that allows people to cross paths with ideas and tap into talents that may go unnoticed or underdeveloped due to social barriers. and existing economic.

The organization received $ 50,000 today and will use the grant to build the joint workspace at the DeMello International Center downtown by aligning Zoom capabilities, 3D printers, laser cutter, Wi-Fi. Fi, teleconferencing capabilities, recording studio and broadcast equipment.

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