Need help setting up a bootable cloned image of my C drive to another hard drive



I have been working from home for 20 years and also rely on my work computer to behave and work properly all the time.

I think he’s scared of me.

For other things I can use a different system if I want.

On all systems I have all of my stuff on a 1TB SSD (about 25% used) with one partition and I am using Macrium Reflect Free to image the working computer on two separate drives every three days and keep one month (10) images. Image creation takes approximately 20 minutes. Sometimes I create a new image if something new is installed (like Windows Updates).

The other systems are imaged once a week (if they are even running, which is not often the case) and 10 weeks of images.

For the work computer I have the exact same 1TB SSD in the box and if I didn’t have it I could buy one at almost any computer store.

If I were to go out, buy a replacement which might take 30 minutes, 15 minutes to install, 30 minutes to restore my last image.

No partitions, no cloning, no primary / secondary drives, no synchronization, etc.

I know – I had to do it once.

Installed the new SSD, booted to recovery media, 6 or 8 mouse clicks, 30 minutes later I was working again.

If you partition your drive and the drive fails, you are going to lose all the partitions on the drive, so why partition it, which makes it more complicated if the day comes when the drive fails.

Then when you replace the drive, you will also have to partition it and restore separate partitions and I’m just not ready for all that extra work and remembering things.

I don’t care how big the image is or how long it takes to create an image.

If I back up two partitions separately, won’t it take the same time if it was one large partition, because the amount of data is the same?

For the critical system keep everything on one dive with one partition, keep a new drive from the same manufacturer on the shelf, create regular images and some on demand, test your recovery method.

You could be back up and running in under an hour.

Finally, test your solution by pretending the system won’t boot, boot to your recovery media, make sure you can at least browse and find the images and open them – you don’t have to restore the image. . just make sure the recovery process is working end to end.

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