Multi 4K / 1080p monitors with my video card?



I have a Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 OC with Boost 3 GB DDR5 on my Windows PC – currently Win 8 – but I will be upgrading to Win 10 very soon!

I would like to know what options and / or combinations can I use with different PC monitors and my Sony Bravia 4KTV 55 “TV?

eg 3x 4K but at what refresh rate and Hz etc etc? or other combos? Just 2 4K monitors? 2 4K + 4KTV monitors, 1 1080p + 4KTV monitors, 1 4K + 4KTV monitor etc? all the different Refresh / hz mixes?

I will probably connect my 4K TV and all other monitors via a non-wireless cable. Unless I occasionally use 4KTV with Chromecast 4K in 4KTV?

My main reason will be to make it easier to record / mix audio / MIDI with things like Ableton Live, Pro Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools, Adobe Auditions – stuff like that.

I maybe want to get a second monitor and / or use my 4KTV (especially I want to try it out when doing multitrack stuff)

Two monitors on my desk can be ok, and I can move the TV around so it’s across the room – it’s big enough in a small room.

My monitor is now 24 “and only 1080p – may be slightly larger for a second but not by much.

Can you notice the difference between 1080p / 4K at this size? And what are the maximum / best specs of new technology standards / types you can get for monitors these days?

eg – 120Hz, 5ms, I guess stuff like on my new TV – eg HDR, 10bit color, and new stuff I don’t know about etc. ???

Am I out of the loop?

Thank you for your help

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