MSI Gaming Laptop Buying Guide


If you want to know what to consider when looking for a gaming laptop in general, regardless of the subcategory, take a look at that same section on our Best Gaming Laptop page. in 2021. The points below will be a quick summary of what you need to know when buying a particular MSI gaming laptop.

What products does MSI manufacture?

MSI manufactures a range of computer components, desktops and laptops, although their primary focus is on targeting the PC gaming market, whether through their AIB graphics cards, gaming PCs. desktop or their range of laptops.

When it comes to MSI gaming laptops, the company tends to focus its efforts on midrange to high-end pricing, with high-powered core components, although it also produces one or two computers. budget laptops and higher quality previous generation models. The machines specified can often be found at discounted prices, making them attractive budget options.

MSI Gaming Laptop Model Names

As with most laptops, MSI gaming laptops come with an array of confusing names that can be hard to tell apart when purchasing a specific model.

Most MSI gaming laptops have a code name that starts with 2 letters: the G is almost universal in all gaming laptop lines, but the second letter means the specific model line / line and there is often has a brand name before or after that matches it. . For example the GP66 Leopard, the GE66 Raider, the GS66 Stealthy, and Katana gF66.

MSI gaming laptops also tend to have two digits, with the first indicating the size of the laptop and the second its generation. The general practitioner66 and GE66 for example are both 15 inch laptops, while the GP76 and GE76 are both 17 inch machines. Older versions of these machines, which usually come with Nvidia 20 series GPUs, come with a 5 at the end, for example the GE65, while 30 series laptops have a 6, for example GE66.

There are, however, other laptops that do not fall under this convention, such as the MSI Alpha, Bravo, and Delta series, all of which are AMD powered machines, which end in a 15 or 17 to signify the size of the machine. their screen.


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