Microsoft is experimenting with high-end machine learning on Xbox Series X


Microsoft is hiring new software engineers to help create new machine learning algorithms that will push next-gen gaming to Xbox Seires X / S consoles.


Microsoft does a pretty advanced job with the Xbox hardware, especially with the software stack that optimizes next-level gaming performance like 120FPS, ray tracing, and 4K 60FPS. The system is powered by its new DirectX 12 software API suite, which includes DirectStorage, Sampler Feedback Streaming and DirectML, a feature that enables support for machine learning on Xbox consoles. DirectML is a game changer that allows ultra-demanding games like Flight Simulator to be run on relatively low-end console APUs.

The company is currently recruiting to take DirectX 12 hardware-accelerated machine learning to new heights and continue to balance performance goals with ML algorithms.

“Engineer roles are available to lead the future of machine learning and computer graphics technology on Xbox consoles. These roles would focus on researching and implementing machine learning algorithms in software to make traditional rendering techniques more efficient and provide new alternative solutions. “ reads the recruiting page.

Microsoft offers two job offers for ML:

Microsoft Experiments with High-End Machine Learning on Xbox Series X 75 |

DirectML – Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S support machine learning for games with DirectML, a component of DirectX. DirectML harnesses unprecedented hardware performance in a console, with Xbox Series X enjoying over 24 TFLOPS of 16-bit float performance and over 97 TOPS (trillions of operations per second) of full 4-bit performance on Xbox Series X. Machine learning can improve a wide range of areas, such as making NPCs much smarter, providing much more realistic animation, and dramatically improving visual quality.

DirectML also provides power for Super Resolution scaling to make game visuals sharper and clearer.

According to RedGamingTech, X and S series support 4 and 8 bit operations for machine learning by inference.

AI-powered machine learning has two parts: training and inference. The training is provided by supercomputers. Developers bring the code into huge data centers, and AI shapes the data. Once the data is ready, it can be distributed and ready by inference.

Combined with other DX12 tools such as Sampler Feedback Streaming, which allows developers to efficiently process resources without wasting GPU power, and Variable Rate Shading, which imperceptibly reduces the resolution of distant targets for better frame rates, DirectML has major benefits for games on Xbox consoles, Windows PCs, and Project xCloud.

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