Mental Canvas launches $ 100,000 global challenge to reinvent drawing


“Mental Canvas pushes the boundaries of drawing, bringing an element of exploration and storytelling that just isn’t possible with pen and paper,” said Michael cowan, senior director of marketing management for Microsoft Surface products. “It’s a great example of combining hardware and software to leverage pen and touch to help creatives bring their ideas to life in a more natural and personal way. “

The challenge takes place from July 14, 2021 at October 11, 2021 and covers five categories: architecture and places, education, comics, napkin sketches, and storytelling. Learn more about

Availability and requirements
Download the Mental Canvas Draw app from Windows Store and App Store.

About Mental Canvas
Mental Canvas, Inc. is a software technology company whose mission is to improve visual communication by elevating the medium of drawing – its conception, creation and consumption. From advertisements to concept sketches to movie storyboards, people use Mental Canvas to explore ideas, communicate concepts, design products and tell stories. Mental Canvas spatial drawings are a new type of rich interactive media, which can be used on all web-enabled devices. Mental Canvas is supported by EQT Ventures, HearstLab, M12 – Microsoft’s Venture Fund, SVB Financial Group and in 2018 won the first international female founders competition of U12.

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