MacBook Pro 2022 is useless

Apple’s tame critics confused

We sometimes feel sorry for Tame Apple Press. There are days when maintaining the reality warp field takes so much mental effort and it’s probably easier to wake up and see the truth.

Tom’s Hardware’s Tony Polanco was clearly excited when he got the chance to review the 2022 MacBook Pro only to find that the device had absolutely no reason to exist. Let’s be clear here Polanco is an Apple fanboy who positively reviewed the beast before using it for a long time.

“I wasn’t in love with its dated design and 720p webcam, it was hard to beat the laptop for what it offered. On its own, it’s a solid device that didn’t have any trouble to slip into our best laptops and best MacBooks lists,” he wrote.

But after two weeks of actually using the Thing, Polanco admitted his feelings had changed somewhat.

“I didn’t understand the need for this laptop when it was unveiled at Apple’s WWDC 2022 event. Apple M2 chip or not, I couldn’t see why anyone would want it on the MacBook Air 2022 Redesigned I found three reasons why you should buy a 2022 MacBook Pro over the new MacBook Air, before my review, but those reasons (active cooling, 10-core GPU as standard, longer battery life ) has never been more compelling than the five reasons why you should buy a 2022 MacBook Air instead of the new MacBook Pro,” he said.

He is not the only one to have discovered that Apple has not kept its promises. YouTuber Marques Brownlee (aka MKBHD) posted a video expressing the same sentiments.

Some of the questions we have already covered. Note that the 2022 MacBook Pro with the M2 chip has slower SSD speeds than the MacBook Pro with M1. And the base model of the new laptop is slower than a 2020 computer.

Poor Tame Apple Press when looking at the MacBook Pro are forced to admit they could do the same on budget laptops.

The 2022 MacBook Pro seems suited for video and audio editing, but if you’re a professional audio/video editor who needs a rig that can handle massive workloads, a base model 14-inch MacBook Pro with its a beefier M1 Pro chip and its active cooling makes more sense – or a slightly taller PC with a 1080p webcam, superior mini-LED display and a modern design that includes a MagSafe, HDMI and SD card port.

As the reality warp field crumbles, some reviewers are starting to think the 2022 MacBook Pro is Apple’s attempt to shed old MacBook Pro components like the dated chassis and maligned Touch Bar by throwing a MacBook Pro which it markets as a “new” product that sports the company’s fancy M2 chip.

What will save Apple is the failure of Tame Apple Press to develop a pair and follow admitting that Apple produced products that were more expensive and less useful than standard PCs. Even after his tirade and saying he hoped the 2022 MacBook Pro would be the last of its kind, Polanco said:

“I still maintain that the 2022 MacBook Pro is an above-average laptop. I’ve been using it for two weeks for work and everyday computing and found it to be as competent as any of the best Windows laptops. If you’re still using an Intel-powered MacBook Pro, the new M2 laptop will be a major upgrade.

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