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Things tend to change at an unprecedented rate these days, and often predicting these changes can be tricky and relatively difficult to an extent. As the year draws to a close, people are starting to look to the age-old tradition of trying to predict where technology might be heading in the New Year, and Lenovo has some predictions that just might. come true as it is one of the major computer vendors at the moment.

Lenovo has been doing some internal research to try to better determine what changes we might start to see in the tech world in 2022, and one of those changes is remote working. People have started working from home more and more often due to the fact that it is the kind of thing that could potentially protect them from the pandemic, but as the pandemic begins to slow down, it is highly likely that this trend will continue.

According to research by Lenovo, the vast majority of tech industry leaders, or 83% to be precise, estimate that at least 50% of all tech-related work will be done remotely. This will turn working from home into working from anywhere, with many people preferring this type of work process as it avoids being confined to an enclosed office space, yet still have been considered and taken into account. . There is a good chance that AI and virtual reality technologies are starting to focus on this trend.

With all that said and now out of the way, it’s important to note that there are some hardware changes that computers might start to see in the coming year as well. One aspect of this has to do with changing monitors. They will get much thinner and more advanced, and most tech companies will start to incorporate portability into their design along with things like 5G compatibility and a wide array of other features that will aim to make them more efficient.

Another aspect of computer hardware that we should expect to see a lot of changes in is keyboards. Innovations in haptic feedback could make stylus and stylus use much more intuitive. Text-to-speech technology is also going to become much more advanced, and all of this would serve to make the average person much less dependent on keyboards and the like when they interface with their computer and try to take notes or work on whatever writing. it would be.

The pandemic has impacted technology in many ways, and one of those impacts is that telehealth has ended up becoming much more important. We may start to see AI being used in health insurance for the purpose of creating predictive models that can help insurance companies better calculate how much a particular client could ultimately cost them. AI can also be used to determine the best treatments for various illnesses that people might experience, which would allow them to recover much faster.

Perhaps the biggest change we’re going to see would be brought about by 5G. Manufacturers will likely start installing more antennas in their products, which will be difficult due to the increasingly smaller form factors they are trying to work with. However, 5G compatibility is likely to increase, making the way people engage in work much faster than it could have otherwise. Suffice it to say that 5G will speed things up in different ways.

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