Jetico offers stronger encryption with more resilience against cyber attacks



Helsinki, Finland, September 28, 2021 – ( – BestCrypt Volume Encryption 5 offers enhanced security and unique features to protect your data

Jetico, a long-time pioneer in data encryption, today announced the release of BestCrypt Volume Encryption 5. The latest version of Jetico’s solution for encrypting hard drives is now equipped with enhanced security features, such as a enhanced protection against brute force attacks.

“Cyber ​​attacks are becoming more common, so it’s more important than ever for businesses to take preventative action against hackers,” said Michael Waksman, CEO of Jetico. “BestCrypt users are now better protected against brute force attacks, one of the easiest and most effective ways for a hacker to break into your system. “

BestCrypt Volume Encryption now offers enhanced protection against brute force attacks with customizable Scrypt key derivation algorithm settings and a new tool – BestCrypt Data Shelter to protect data in use from unwanted processes. Other new features that improve user security include the ability to manage self-encrypting drives for an additional layer of protection and two-factor authentication options for a range of new hardware.

BestCrypt Volume Encryption version 5 highlights:
– Reinforced security and increased resilience against cyber attacks
– Improved performance with faster and more transparent on-the-fly encryption
– Better usability with improved password creation and smooth troubleshooting

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About Jetico

Jetico provides comprehensive endpoint data protection software for national security, compliance and personal privacy. Trusted for over 15 years by the US Department of Defense, Jetico’s BCWipe can erase selected files beyond forensic recovery, such as in response to classified data leaks, while BCWipe Total WipeOut can erase fully data on the hard disk, for example for disposal or decommissioning. To protect stored data, Jetico’s BestCrypt provides compliant data encryption software for entire disks, virtual drives and selected files or folders. Jetico Enterprise editions include centralized management for client software control.

Jetico products are approved by government and military agencies, all of the top 10 U.S. defense contractors, many national laboratories, as well as various other companies and a large global user base at home and small businesses in over 100 countries. Founded in 1995, Jetico is a privately held company headquartered in Otaniemi Science Park in Helsinki, Finland. For more information, please visit

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