It’s time for a new system – Suggestions please

Current system is HP 595-p0084 desktop
..Processor is 3.20 GHz Intel® Core™ I7-8700 Processor
..Installed RAM 16.0 GB
System type 64-bit operating system, X64-based processor
Windows 10 operating system

My issues with this system are that after speaking with IT at my workplace, and HP directly, the video cannot be upgraded
nothing more than what I have now. This would require an updated power supply. So I asked HP to have a compatible power supply upgrade,
they told me NO. The system comes as it comes, and there are no upgrades. I even went to a third-party computer repair shop for an evaluation
and i was told the same, sort of it said i could put in a power supply, but unfortunately all the connections are proprietary.

The hard drive that contains the operating system is at 98% capacity. there is approximately 5 GB of open data left on this drive. I have a feeling another windows update is from
Microsoft will not be possible.

Add to that, I bought Microsoft Flight when it was released and I can’t run it on this system.

What is my computer for?

I’m using an old version of Photoshop which suits my needs,
So I use Adobe Premiere Pro for some video editing for family members
Microsoft office 2013, mainly Word and Excel
I make online games – mainly simulation games City building, Universe Physics – Orbital Mechanics

Some of the obvious things are some streaming services when I’m working around the computer
Photography work – non professional just my stuff
Internet browsing Amazon Banking, ordering pet food, etc.

My work needs would be sort of a powerhouse on the video side to accommodate a game I bought but can’t even run
manage some online games via STEAM
manage day-to-day business
and be able enough to run my Adobe programs.

Torn between AMD and INTEL which is better, isn’t there really a difference I could tell?
a powerful enough video card that would or should be able to meet the needs of
…supports two monitors, tough enough to last another 5 years

I’ve had good luck with HP computers and most of my computers have been purchased through BestBuy off the shelf.

So looking for something that will last, can be upgraded without slot expansion type issues, or limited by the amount of memory the card can handle
and if necessary, update the video card or replace a hard drive if necessary.

Also, I have no problem with Best Buy, they threatened to shut down my card if I didn’t use it within the next 30 days LOL…

Thank you

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