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Intel has released development guides for the upcoming Alder Lake processors. In it, the chipmaker confirms various base numbers for laptop and desktop models. Alder Lake’s first processors are slated for release on November 4.

Intel company Reports on their website That there will be different variations for desktop and mobile applications, which will be available with different combinations of CPU and GPU cores.implementation units. The company reported that the Alder Lake-P laptop processors are up to six Powerful cores and eight energy efficient cores. The same has already been shown Disclosed roadmapBut it is now officially confirmed. Intel also writes that all Alder Lake laptop references come with electronic cores. Laptop models also benefit from integrated GPUs of up to 96 implementation units.

The chipmaker also writes that Alder Lake-S desktop processors get a maximum of eight P-cores and eight E-cores. Desktop models without cores will also appear. This is in line with previous expectations; Recently appeared Intel Core i5-12400 With only six hearts on it. You will also receive Desktop SKUs with 32. Integrated GPUs implementation unitsIntel writes.

Basic types and instruction sets

The company is also publishing details of the various cores used in Alder Lake chips. like society Already confirmed, Alder Lake is one of the P cores, codenamed Golden Cove. These cores are performance driven and support forking. At the same time, the microchips will receive the cores, which the company calls Gracemont. They focus on efficiency and do not provide stress.

Both types are basic swimming pools Use of L1 and L2 caches, so that they can work independently of each other. Shared L3 cache. According to Intel, the cores also support the same instruction sets. The manufacturer states that only P cores support AVX-512 and these instructions can only be executed when the bios electronic cores are disabled. Ian Caters of Anandtech Posted on Twitter However, this is a bug and the AVX-512 is not supported by Alder Lake at all. “The Educated It is updated. It has been confirmed that the AVX-512 is not in Lake Alder.

Pictures via Intel

Software enhancements for Alder Lake

Intel is also focusing on software enhancements for this hybrid architecture in its Developer Guide. The processors use Intel Thread Director. This should make the operating system user aware of the different performance and efficiency of the two types of cores. This allows the thread manager to distribute different computational tasks among the entire base types. Without this output, the operating system may think that all cores have the same speed and that tasks can be distributed to the bad cores.

The company shares many “optimization strategies” for application and game developers. Applications that are by no means optimized for Alder Lake can still use both types of cores thanks to the aforementioned Intel Thread Director, which attempts workloads It is automatically distributed among the cores. This should provide better performance “in most cases”, but Intel wrote that in some cases it may prevent some jobs from running on the wrong type of database.

In the “good” scenario, where the developer took “a few steps” to Hybrid consciousness To create, the main tasks will be distributed among the P-cores. Non-essential background tasks should focus on electronic cores.

In the “best” scenario, developers create a task system that contains two thread pools to do. The core pool will focus on high performance computing for P-cores. The secondary thread pool should do “good for hubs” tasks. Intel cites several examples, such as audio mixingAnd Shading setAnd asset flow, use Pressure relief. Developers can also perform basic tasks evacuation to electron cores when the performance cores are overloaded and there is residual capacity on the efficient cores.

The company further confirms that it is cooperating with argument-Companies will add support for the Alder Lake platform and its “hybrid architecture” for engines like Unreal Engine and Unity. This should happen in future releases. The company is also working with companies like Denuvo to ensure that certain DRM software can recognize the structure of Alder Lake.

The first fleas appear this quarter

Intel once again confirms that the Alder Lake platform will be deployed worldwide in the last quarter of this year, although the chipmaker itself has yet to release concrete data. Intel is expected to launch the first Alder Lake models on November 4. MSI information leak. This may include the K and KF desktop processors, with the latter models not having an integrated GPU. The first laptop chips and lower-rated desktop models are expected later.


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