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Intel’s latest little chip is primarily aimed at people who need a lot of power, namely gamers.

Although almost all computers can play some style of games, not all computers can handle the latest games in the same way. To play games that demand a lot of power and graphics prowess, you need the equipment that allows you to do just that, and that usually means a big processor and a big graphics card.

The latter is something you can upgrade over time, but the former is a bit more strenuous, often requiring more than the new processor you plan to upgrade to. That can mean a new motherboard and new memory, and setting up a whole new install of everything including an operating system and your favorite apps. It’s no wonder that people typically stick with a chip for so long, choosing something that can work for the next few years for their needs.

For gamers, the last attempt to stick with a chip might well be here, as the first of Intel’s 12th Gen Intel Core chips has been released, with this first focusing directly on gamers in general, in part thanks to their needs.

Released as the Core i9-12900K, it’s a desktop chip and something Intel touts as the “world’s best gaming processor”, thanks in part to an impressive 16-core count and fast speed. Maximum clock up to 5.2GHz, taking power and transforming it into raw speed and performance, improving game frame rates not only when playing, but also when streaming and recording simultaneous.

The chip does this using a hybrid approach to core design, dividing those 16 cores into performance cores and efficiency cores, with eight on each, designed to balance the load and keep the system running, regardless of what is going on. This is a process that we are starting to see recognized in more and more chip designs, with performance and efficiency cores being part of the chips that Apple designed and used in the M1, which had four each when it was released. its launch last year, while the new M1 Pro and M1 Max can split its load differently, balancing the load to further boost overall power depending on the chip model in question.

Intel’s platform will also support faster PCI-express for improvements in graphics card speed, support for WiFi 6E, and increased DDR5 memory transfers per second, all to help. to improve performance. With that in mind, gamers aren’t the only goal, with improvements in creative apps also affecting photo editing, video editing, and 3D modeling apps, to name a few.

It will not be only being Intel’s Core i9 that sees 12th gen love, although initially it all happens on the desktop, with laptop variants coming later. For starters, the 12th Gen Intel Core chips will cover the Core i9-12900, Core i7-12700 and Core i5-12600 models, with more to come.

“The performance hybrid architecture of 12th Generation Intel Core processors is an architectural change made possible by close software and hardware co-engineering that will deliver new levels of leadership performance for generations,” said Gregory Bryant, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Client Computing Group at Intel.

“It starts with the arrival of our flagship Core i9-12900K – the world’s best gaming processor – and you’ll have even more amazing experiences as we ship the rest of the family 12th gen and beyond.”

Intel notes that the entire 12th generation Core family – codenamed “Alder Lake” – will be available in 60 processor variants, there is no local price yet for how much this chip will cost. The wait is impatient, computer makers can expect it in November, although we expected the Core i9-12900K chip to grow somewhere near the thousand dollar mark when it launches, you’ll want to so maybe start saving.


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