How to Keep Your PC’s CPU Cool in the Summer

The summer period is approaching and with it our processor is already shaking, because rising temperatures mean that without the minimum measures for keep CPU cool in summer, it may have performance issues or even cause sudden crashes. That’s why we give you some tips to avoid this problem. Especially if you live in hot places.

A processor today can put out tens of watts of heat or even hit triple digits. Where in a country like ours, Spain, where there are areas where temperatures reach around 40º. It is important that the CPU is prepared for the summer period. That’s why we decided to give you a series of simple tips to keep your CPU cool in the summer.

Not all of them require advanced technical knowledge of the hardware and it’s something anyone can do. Let’s not forget that today the processors of any computer usually have protection mechanisms. These are based on lowering their own speed and voltage to generate less heat and therefore this results in an obvious loss of performance for our PC.

Tips for keeping your CPU cool in the summer

The first piece of advice we give to all our readers is that if you are considering buying a PC tower, make sure it includes a heatsink for the processor with minimum quality. This is one of the reasons why we recommend that you do not buy industrial models that are different from standard lathe types. Often, putting all the components into one design results in reductions in things like the CPU heatsink. The results? Less capacity to keep CPU cool in summer. In case you do not have this problem, it is advisable to change the thermal paste and if possible and your tower has the capacity in terms of space mount a heatsink with higher quality materials.

The second advice concerns the cleaning of the equipment, it is important to keep our tower clean inside. We know we are very stubborn about this, but we say this from our own experience. In case you have pets at home, this advice is worth two, since their hair can reach the box of our PC. By the way, we remind you that it is not recommended to leave the tower on the ground, where you have more digits to catch more dirt. So a good cleaning before summer is what we recommend. Especially the fans, where the accumulation of dust slows down the speed of their blades.

What happens if I leave the motherboard outside?

Finally, there are people who fall into the trap of leaving the PC bare. That is, with the motherboard in the open. The goal is to lower the ambient temperature surrounding the processor. The error of this idea is that it is necessary that hot air is forced out of the processor and cool air enters at the same time. Something that the ventilation system of our box does or, failing that, the radiator if we rely on liquid cooling. By removing the tower and its fans, we lose this ability. So if you’re gonna do that we recommend that you do not disassemble the processor heat sink and if you can add an external fan sending fresh air continuously to the computer’s motherboard and the rest of the components.

In any case, if you do, we recommend do it only in an aseptic environment. Don’t do this if you have the PC in an area of ​​your home where there’s usually a lot of dust buildup. We say this for people who usually have the computer in a workshop or garage because it is necessary for their daily tasks. Whether professional or amateur. So in these cases it is important to use a good box.

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