How To Fix Apex Legends High CPU Bug

Apex Legends

Since the release of Apex Legends’ latest Genesis Collection event, a bug has resulted in higher than usual CPU usage as it has skyrocketed for PC gamers.

Whether the issue is due to poor optimization or other factors in the release, high CPU usage rates have caused major issues in the game, which will likely end in a game crash. CPU power for some gamers have hit anomalous highs of 90-100% as the community tries to find ways to fix the issue.

Here are a few things to try to at least try to fix the issue on a player’s side until the developers release a fix:

There has been a thread on the EA feedback forums that players are talking about about this issue, and some players are suggesting that this fixes the issue, although there is no guarantee that this will completely eliminate the bug or that it will work. . .

Community method lately:

  1. Open Origin or Steam
  2. Open the task manager
  3. Right click on Origin or Steam (depending on what the player is using to launch the game) and click “Go to Details”
  4. Right click on Origin / Steam
  5. Click Set Affinity
  6. Uncheck all processors based on drive CPU cores
  7. Check processor 0 and the latest highest available core or just check the latest highest available core

Reddit users are also speculating that there is “spaghetti code” – strings of code that cannot be maintained – jumping into the lobby, resulting in high usage rates.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any patch from Respawn Entertainment or any announcements by the studio on when or if they’ll patch it anytime soon. It may be better at this time to go through some old-fashioned, generic ways to do this.

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