How to extend the life of your game console

Game consoles like the PlayStation, Xbox and Wii are some of the most popular gadgets and also some of the most expensive. A game console can cost you thousands of Kenyan shillings. Certainly not every gamer will be able to buy the latest console. This leaves us with an option, we have to make sure that we take very good care of our consoles. There are some key areas that will impact the life of your console. We’ve compiled a list of factors and steps to ensure your console stays protected and super efficient.

Place your console in a well ventilated area

It is important to keep the console in an area with adequate ventilation. In this way, it can increase heat dispersion. If you place your console in an enclosed place, especially when it is in use, the risk of overheating increases. If the console is overheating, consider turning it off until it cools down, or better yet, get an external cooling fan for your console.

Clean vents and ports

Accumulated dust can significantly reduce airflow and eventually lead to overheating. Therefore, clean the vents and ports of your console regularly to avoid any issues. Disconnect all connected cables and use a can of compressed air to clean the ports. There may also be an accumulation of dust in the console. Do not open the console, it will void the warranty. However, contact the required support and ask for help.

Keep the console dry

Electronic gadgets need to stay dry to work and prolong their lifespan. Game consoles are no exception. Be sure to keep all liquids away from the console. Fluids can easily fry the console’s internal chipsets.

Avoid dropping the console

This is something that should be completely avoided. If placed on the edge of a counter or where a pet can easily reach it, the console will most likely fall over. It may seem obvious, but people do it all the time.

When the console drops, especially when it is turned on, the hard drive stops working. There may also be a circuit board failure. If you want to get a new console, today is the easiest day to do so.

Take breaks from the console and turn it off regularly

It is very important to take breaks from using the game console. Do not leave it in sleep mode because even though it uses less power, it is still running in the background. This allows the internal components to heat up, causing it to overheat when you resume your game. After the game is finished, it is recommended that you turn off the console so that it can return to room temperature, ready to use when recovery.

Do not touch the disc drive lens

As much as many have digital copies of their games, many of us have game discs. For this reason, you should not touch the lens inside a game console’s disc drive. can make the console difficult to read discs and get many errors before or during gameplay.

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