Homewood City Schools Passes Fiscal Year 2023 Budget

Homewood City Schools passed the fiscal year 2023 budget on September 13, with some schools set to receive large projects.

The board has approved several capital improvement projects for fiscal year 2023, which will cost approximately $11.6 million, including renovations to the home side of Waldrop Stadium and the addition of additional parking at the school. Homewood secondary, among several other projects, according to the HCS budget for 2023.

The stadium renovations will include the expansion and improvement of the dressing room as well as the renovation of the bathrooms.

“Our stadium hasn’t had major construction since 1997,” Homewood City Schools Superintendent Justin Hefner previously said.

The plan also includes restoring the parking lots at all Homewood schools, replacing the shingle roof and air conditioners at Shades Cahaba Elementary School, replacing the windows at Hall-Kent Elementary School and a rotation of five-year painting for all schools.

The general fund budget is set at $68.4 million.

The council budgeted local revenue with a 2% sales tax increase, as well as municipal and property tax revenue.

Sixty-five percent of the budget will be used to pay for salaries and benefits, school supplies and materials, technology and textbooks.

Eleven percent of the budget will be used for school security and operation and maintenance.

Twenty-four percent will be used to cover administrative costs, preschool programs, local support funds transferred to each school, debt service, nutrition and capital funds.

The school system has also benefited from federal COVID-19 relief funds, with $2.58 million available to spend. These funds will be used for:

► Reading and math intervention tutors, math coaches, counselors, teaching aids

► Health services and supplies, additional school nurse

Hardware and software licenses

► Summer Reading Programs and Credit Recovery

► System wide professional development

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