Haryana’s unemployment rate hovers around 10%


The unemployment rate in Haryana is 9.9%, the state government informed in Vidhan Sabha.

Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala, responding to a question from Congressman Nuh Aftab Ahmed during the monsoon session on Friday, said the state’s unemployment rate was well below the national average of 13 , 3%.

The figure, however, grows in importance as more than 44,000 sanctioned positions are vacant in the state’s education and health departments.

Dushyant said the latest periodic labor survey conducted by the Union’s Ministry of Statistics and Programs shows that the unemployment rate in Punjab is 10.8%, Delhi 12%, Rajasthan 15, 1% and in Uttar Pradesh 13.4%.

At least 46% of sanctioned non-teaching posts and 20% of teaching posts are vacant in the education department. The figure for the Ministry of Health is 39%.

According to post-large details from the education department on vacancies through July 1, more than 9,600 non-teaching positions, out of nearly 21,200 sanctioned positions, are vacant.

Likewise, in the field offices, more than 25,600 teaching staff posts, out of more than 1.27 lakh sanctioned posts, are vacant. No less than 1,018 teaching positions (PRT / JBT / HT) are vacant within the Mewat framework.

In addition, 13,073 Graduate Teacher (PGT) positions and 11,041 Qualified Graduate Teacher (TGT) positions are vacant in the state. No less than 1,045 director positions and 155 secondary school directors are also waiting to be filled.

In his written response to Congressman Varun Chaudhry’s question, Education Minister Kanwar Pal said that 711 vacant school principal positions, 98 principal school principals had been filled through promotions over the years. last two weeks.

The education minister said the request to fill 3,646 PGT positions, 2,636 TGT ​​positions as well as 952 PRT positions for the Mewat cadre have already been sent to the Haryana Personnel Selection Commission.

The request to fill 6,695 peon positions was also sent to the Chief Secretary.

Medical staff crisis

More than 9,000 positions out of 23,600 sanctioned positions are vacant in the health department. At least 980 positions for doctors and 209 senior doctors are vacant. Out of 436 sanctioned nursing positions, 228 are vacant, and out of 4,403 duty nurse positions, 2,260 (51%) are vacant, according to data from the Ministry of Health provided in response to the request of the deputy for Chaudhry .

According to the data, out of a total of 1,959 computer clerk, clerk, assistant, superintendent, shorthand typist and storekeeper positions in the health department, about 700 are vacant.

Other vacancies include pharmacist (366), radiologist (232), laboratory technicians (711), ECG technicians (67), dietitian (23), laboratory attendant (28), physiotherapist ( 55), the plumber (10), the senior dental surgeon (26), dental surgeon (110) and matron (23).

The 75% private employment quota is still not in force

Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala told Vidhan Sabha that the 2020 Haryana State Local Applicant Employment Act, granting a 75% reserve to local private sector applicants, is not entered into force until the date of its application has been notified. by the state government. He clarified this after the Legislative Assembly of Haryana passed the bill in question on November 5, 2020 and after receiving the governor’s assent. the law was promulgated and notified on March 2. Recall that under this law, private sector companies will have to employ 75% of local candidates for positions where the gross monthly salary does not exceed ??50,000.

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