Global Graphics Software honored with Pinnacle InterTech Award 2021



The Society is recognized for the third time in four years

Cambridge UK and Sarasota FL – Global Graphics Software, the developer of Harlequin RIP®, received a 2021 Pinnacle InterTech Award from PRINTING United Alliance, for Direct â„¢, the software that transmits data directly to the electronics in the print head inkjet, delivering unprecedented speed and image quality. This is the company’s third InterTech award in four years.

The PRINTING United Alliance Pinnacle InterTech Awards recognize the development of innovative technologies deemed to be truly innovative and believed to have a significant impact on graphic communications and related industries.

The jury said they expected Direct to be widely adopted and accelerate the use of inkjet for high-volume personalized communications and packaging.

Justin Bailey, Managing Director of Global Graphics Software, said, “Printing full-variable, full-color data on the next generation of faster, larger, higher-resolution digital presses requires data to be sent to the printheads. at lightning speeds. Many manufacturers run into what we call the data rate barrier. Direct removes this barrier and incorporates the flexibility needed for future-proof print production, as the capacity of a press is not limited as data rates increase and the press must be redesigned to respond. to future requirements.

“We are delighted that manufacturers, including Miyakoshi and FUJIFILM Integrated Inkjet Solutions, are trusting us to meet this challenge. We are also extremely proud of our success: the fact that we have received this honor shows once again that we are at the forefront of innovation and the development of relevant technologies in today’s market where the shift to mass customization of products is accelerating.

Direct is a new graphics pipeline that sends data directly to the print head electronics instead of writing to disk and thus dramatically reduces image processing times, easily handles large volumes of data, and speeds up processing. printing time.

Brian McInerney, Senior Program Manager at FUJIFILM Integrated Inkjet Solutions, comments: “We challenged RIP’s Global Graphics Software to variable data pages intended to be printed on our single-pass inkjet solutions, such as the System FUJIFILM 42K print bar at speeds up to 1000 feet per minute and 1200 dpi. We are happy to share that Global Graphics not only achieved the required data throughput using its Direct technology, but has since increased its performance to meet our next level specifications. This is a direct benefit for our customers who turn to Fujifilm for their single pass printing solutions without having to create pre-ripped print-ready files; instead, with this solution, variable data can be sent directly to our system where RIP and page filtering is done on the fly.

“The judges recognized the importance of technology that streamlines image and data processing for high-speed digital presses by bypassing hard drives and going straight to printheads, especially as the volumes data is growing dramatically and will continue to do so, ”said Bill Pope, vice president of technical services, PRINTING United Alliance.

Global Graphics Software received an InterTech Award in 2018 for ScreenPro â„¢, the fastest screening engine, and in 2019 for PrintFlat â„¢ which corrects artifacts in inkjet output. In 2020, the company was honored to receive a Queen’s Award for Innovation for ScreenPro.

The Global Graphics group of companies, which includes HYBRID Software, Xitron and Meteor Inkjet, has received five InterTech awards in the past five years.


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